how to avoid the freshman fifteen

Updated on Jul 17, 2008

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seanbri on May 03
waste of space
Minimaliste on November 18
this happened to me in grade 10. ack. luckily I lost it all since then and I've actually lost more weight since I moved for college this year, because my parents aren't cooking big delicious meals for me. my rules: don't buy food at school! buy healthy groceries! don't drink! work out every day! ... and I feel better than ever, yay :) rad post, lol at my comment being so delayed.
MariMaria on July 23
i spend the first 6 months of my freshman year saying yes to the giant cookie(with vanilla frosting)and everything i found, result was i really over did it , i had to loose wait to keep my place in the ballet company so i spend the last 6 months eating tuna and pineapple ( i think i ate half of the cast of finding nemo) now (two years later) i just watch what i eat and avoid snacks .
afinefrenzy on July 21
Napping after lunch didn't help either.
lulu on July 20
LOL "Not my personal favorite (as in, I never go) but people tell me it really helps to work out." My personal choice (since I was never a breakfast person) was to fill a big Nalgene bottle full of green tea (it helps to speed metabolism) and drink it until I can make it to brunch.
laurel on July 20
aww yay! i love this post. especially since i'm fast approaching my first year in college!
ana on July 20
Wt an interesting read. Kept noding my head as i read along. But, sigh, i'm even lazier than u are. So heading down to d gym is somethingg i simply CAN'T do! Bt, walking to buy 'cookies n cream' ice cream - YESS ma'am! I'm a foodie! hehe!! Btw, i think ur simply adorablee. Luvv dt bigg, CHESSYY simple of urz! (SEE, not a sentence leaves my mouth without d mention of food!)
saywhat on July 19
ahhh, I also had the freshman twenty! and I go to Cal. damn Crossroads and GBC. good to hear you're back on track!
bexlea on July 18
Haha oh my gosh this is so true! In my first year of uni I must have put on about 15lbs and now, finishing my 2nd year, I've managed to lose most of it but am still trying to shift those last few lbs! Dont do it little ones, its not worth it!!!!!
WorldUgly on July 18
i love that 124lbs is the panic weight! ha. to be honest, i can't believe the whole of the US isn't obese. your meals are too big and too tasty. i think i experienced 'the chicago eight' when i visited recently, and i was there for less than two weeks.
ChicaAJ on July 18
haha, I'm actually the weight shown in the first picture. lol, oh well, need to start following some of these tips.
a_brightspot on July 17
i think i gained the freshmen 15 of highschool this year!ugh. i used to take my own lunch everyday to school in middleschool since there was no cafeteria and coming into highschool eating the unhealthy lunchfood took it's toll on me, and i totally regret eating all that nasty cafeteria food!
fashionispoison on July 17
lol that cookie is kind of scary looking. it could eat you instead!

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