90s revival

Updated on Apr 29, 2009

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robina_ko on June 23
unique look! (=
victoriamarmalade on September 21
I'm totally loving this outfit! well done girl! :)
Modefreundin on June 20
nice dress
bjkdAnc3r on March 07
hahah cool!
chichelee on June 01
i love everything about this, LOVE
moniescloset on May 22
you are so pretty!
feketkutyak on May 22
You know tho - Doc Marten's made a lot of diff. styles. The ones you have one (skinny sole) are good :) I, on the other hand have a couple pairs with a HUGE clunky sole...just holding onto them and waiting for the comeback...
rubysue on May 21
buffyyyyyyyyy so many crop tops in the first season!
joannaladrido on May 10
tangerine is suck a stunning color!!! loooove it!
lydia on May 04
Square toed shoes.... :'( BLOSSOM HATS...SO GOOD. My mom made me ones to go with dresses she'd make me, I thought I was "the bomb".
Champagne on May 04
OH, ok, now I remember was Zubas were. I remember watching an old episode of Home improvement and Tim Allen had a pair of those pants. My god, what were people thinking when they thought those up?
twinkl on May 03
Just remembered how my baby-g made my wrist smell. TMI? yeah, TMI................
blonderedhead on May 03
you hit the nail on the head. i couldn't agree more with your lists. i had more tommy hilfiger and doc marten's than anyone should have in their closets.
oliviooso on May 03
Oh my!!That orange dress look fabulous!!
gogosushi on May 03
You look so cute! Haha you have reminded me of how much I wanted one of those BabyG watches. Never got one though (which is probably a good thing) x
underthestares on May 02
Haha..I totally remember those butterfly clips that were all the rage.
GoodnessGracious on May 02
The movie clueless really brings me back to 90s fashionstyle! Love the docs with the grey socks
lancelot on May 01
Great style and unique taste with an affordable strategy.
saywhat on May 01
hahaha i've definitely worn my teal with plum lettering Gap crewneck sweatshirt around school (cal).. you probably saw me x_x i definitely think it goes in the OK category :D
EverybodyIsUgly on May 01
aahahha--I'm just bitter bc Mommy Wang never let me get one.
Essie_17 on April 30
the_eye_collector on April 30
I absolutely love early Buffy. It's quite disappointing how crappy David Boreanaz was, though. I mute it when he's on and just admire his beautiful face, while it makes the slightly constipated expression that I think was supposed to be mysterious and enigmatic.
EverybodyIsUgly on May 01
Pained and conflicted sometimes looks like the poo-face.
inKARLcerating on April 30
bold and beautiful!! ur the docs princess! hehe
Gawish on April 30
Lol@ Baby G watches. Looking back I can't believe i was dying to own one of these. never did though. As for the outfit, loving the dress and the socks. the colour choice is really nice. and Guess what, I own these Docs too :D:D, I have the 14 holes though.
toxicmaterialist on April 30
this is so cute. i really love the dress
FranciscaCouto on April 30
girl... you look awesome, that tone really enlightens you :D
mzkris on April 30
I don't even know what some of those things are...zubas? baby g watches? I see people are trying to bring back a lot from the "not ok" category...especially safety pins and well i don't think they're that bad i kinda like the big diaper ones :D everybody has a bit of weirdness i guess.
styleseeking_nesli on April 30
oh man the baby g watches, i wanted one in baby (!) blue soo bad but never got it... btw i really like the colour of your dress!!
MissRoLL on April 30
what a beautiful dress...the color is so freshhh!!!
vintage_overload on April 30
i love your dess..everything.. 90s revival hmmm...
pwincessbebe on April 30
u look adorable :)) i love 90's style, reminds me of my mom when she's younger, she looked very chic !
splashofcolour on April 30
I hated 90s style and hope it doesn't come back, but it was nice to read this post and reminisce. I remember having a big colection of crop tops and adidas shells back then lol
augustaLOLITA on April 29
to0 cute!!
pepang on April 29
sweet smile:)
camir on April 29
i'm obsessed with doc martens right now!
ishayshaixa on April 29
love this!! chic!
Bex99 on April 29
ooooooooohhhhhhh so so so chic"
bmeista on April 29
I loved The Baby-Sitters Club! And definitely agreed that blossom hats were all that (that's my 90s' slang shout out)
calivintage on April 29
ahhh, i am slowly collecting my 90s revival items, but i still haven't gotten the balls to wear them. yet. hehe. ;)
heartsdesire on April 29
love the shade of the orange dress :) it goes so well with the gray too
juno on April 29
this outfit makes me smile! ur so adorable..what nationality are you??
lissakahayon on April 29
This is so adorable!!!!! The color is so refreshing!!!!
Champagne on April 29
What's a Zubas?
kuzco on May 04
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zubas :)
kt_krazy on April 29
you look like a chic bowl of orange sherbet.
Midge on April 29
I love the sherbet color of the dress on top of the neutrals.
Memosne on April 29
This is really adorable! I love how the color of the dress and the belt go so well together! Also the knee socs and the docs add such a nice touch...^_^ It's awesome!
missastronaut on April 29
love the colour of ur dress
adventureswonderland on April 29
i love the orange color! it looks great on you and is such a lovely color! i love how you paired it with the docs and knee socks!
monaby on April 29
I love how you put this look together, Connie! You're so good at posing now lol. ;)

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