Dressing For Exams

Updated on May 08, 2008

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1234565 on December 31
pretty scarf
POLYTHENE on July 01
love the last outfit! that would be so stylish and confortable for an exam
photographyfanatic on June 22
I'm a bit late on this post but I've always thought that even if I feel like I won't ace my exam, at least I might ace in style. Although I can't really say that since I was just wearing my campus jumper for my first exam... Good ol' old-school.
MaleUgly on May 18
Your last outfit (+photo!) is very adorable--you definitely aced the style exam! (haha, so cheesy)
umyeahno on May 17
I have that same scarf. I love it.
nycgal1 on May 13
i love your simply style - so cute!
fashiontherapist on May 10
your 100% right..i have always applied this theory and till now..grades really shift by the way you feel and dress for exams..plus try taking a refreashing shower before and see the huuuuge impact!! btw today i had a stat exam and did the same thing ;)
graciousplum on May 10
I agree! Last year during AP exams most everyone came into school wearing sweats, but I opted for a soft jersey dress and flats!
hotoke on May 09
I like your theory! Maybe I will pretend like I'm going out and get dressed even though I have to write a paper (on Kant, no less) :( The last outfit looks like you're going out to celebrate right after the stats exam! Nice. Good luck!

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