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Updated on Apr 26, 2015
black Marc by Marc Jacobs bag - black Valley Eyewear sunglasses
Black-marc-by-marc-jacobs-bag-black-valley-eyewear-sunglasses Black-marc-by-marc-jacobs-bag-black-valley-eyewear-sunglasses Black-marc-by-marc-jacobs-bag-black-valley-eyewear-sunglasses Black-marc-by-marc-jacobs-bag-black-valley-eyewear-sunglasses
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nanysklozet 's Thoughts:

These pictures will always be the last photos we took with our professional camera before getting robbed. Yes, we got robbed in Wynwood (Miami) in plain daylight. For me it's so upsetting because I come from a country where you hear stories like this multiple times a day; and you think that this type of stuff doesn't happen in a country where the "system" works. I'm going to share what happened because I was asked a lot about it. We were on an empty street in Wynwood, we go (or went) there because it's always empty, the graffitis look cool, and nobody stares. I have to admit I can get very self-conscious when taking pictures in front of a lot of people. I feel like they look at me like "what is she doing" "she is too short to be a model". We were about to finish the photos + video when a guy that came out of nowhere started to ask questions about what we were doing and about the camera/lens (thing that has happened before, there are a lot of photographers in the area and they are just curious to see). He shared that he was shooting a car for a rapper just across the street that he needed some help with a camera setting. Honestly, he gave me a weird vibe and I try to step away but he was following us and he was very pushy. Gaby finally agreed but asked me to wait for him in the car (he definitely got a weird vibe and his first instinct was to send me away). When he got to the car they were shooting, the guy took the camera away from his hands, hopped in the car, and they just disappear in a matter of microseconds. I heard the wheels squeaking and I ran towards Gabo just praying they didn't do anything to him.

We called the policed, filed a report, and just over analyzed the situation thinking of all the mistakes and how stupid we were. The guy just knew was he was doing, I'm sure they have done that a thousand times (there were two other guys inside the car…huge guys!). We are so grateful that we didn't see a gun or a knife or that they didn't hurt Gaby in any way or form. I'm actually 100% sure that they were armed but they didn't have to use them because we were "stupid" enough to fall in their trap. The important part is that we are okay and that the shock of seeing a gun didn't happen.

When I got home, I started crying…not because of what we lost (yes, we lost our best lens and camera, and it obviously hurts. It is our main work tool and it is so important to what we do). I cried because of how f**ked humanity is, because of the crazy amount of people that do not have ethics or values. We were literally working to be able to afford nice things and people just take the easy way out. Gaby used to be less trustworthy and over the years I have tried to teach him to see the good in people; to smile at strangers, and to help others. Unfortunately, someone took advantage of exactly that…our will to help others. I just wish that this experience doesn't change that in us- hey, this is life…and sh!t happens.


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LaPetiteOrange on May 11
I'm so sorry that happened to you :( That is so upsetting. I just wanted to leave you some positive thoughts and say that you look gorgeous and that I absolutely adore the mix of prints you have on!
Pamolina on April 29
hazelkrisferrando on April 28
jehanmohammad22 on April 27
ninahanekom on April 27
So sorry about what happened :( it's terrible that people get away with these things every day. Glad you didn't get hurt! On a lighter note, this is such a cute outfit! I love the print on these pieces, you really look great :)
cute mix
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