Campus Friendly Footwear

Updated on Jul 23, 2008

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bkgurl36 on January 24
i love these shoes
anonymours on November 11
these are awesome styles
Ayaka on October 28
great outfits!!
punzypoo on August 01
I laughed when I read that remark about rainbows. SO TRUE. God they need to disappear. Love the suggestions though! I've been meaning to get a pair of minnetonkas for some time now...
Tali on July 29
ok so I need some advice. I bought some minns with the coins and i cant stand the coins for some reason. Can't find the box to return them either. do u think itd look weird if i painted the coins black?
Malinapoo on July 26
im digging those minnetonkas. unfortunately, the only provider for them in humboldt county has stopped selling them. =(
withmuchaplomb on July 25
i so need to buy a pair of minnetonkas soon.
katenickerson on July 24
ahh i love minnetonkas and i plan on buying some soon... so cute
nataliedawn on July 23
Such a coincidence! I've been thinking a lot about what I'll be wearing during my first semester at college next year and I have those minnetonkas on my list. I can't wait!
MaleUgly on July 23
Even I'm rocking cut-outs!
Goldenblue711 on July 23
Great post! I love nine west heels, but I cannot wear them around campus-ever, so thanks! This was very helpful
ClothesHorse on July 23
If we could get a bonfire and burn all of the uggs, flip flops, and crocs of the world, I would be a very happy girl...
lindarrr on July 23
oh crocs...forgot about those foul contraptions

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