the (real) dry shampoo

Updated on Jul 24, 2008

Comments (25)

katee778 on January 09
adorable picture!
twoheadedgirl on November 26
lol i use baby powder too.
afinefrenzy on August 28
P.S. My roommate uses baby powder instead.
afinefrenzy on August 28
I don't totally believe that this actually works! So I'm going to start with a trustworthy name like Blandi. But thanks for this recommendation. Now I can sleep in longer before my 8am class, whoo!
dermatoglyphics on August 16
Would this ever cake ? 0__0
amanda on July 30
LOL! I find dry shampoos very funny!
MichelleYue on July 28
oooh I've never tried this before... It will probably be convenient for my random all-nighters out of the home.
jwhoa on July 25
i need to get some of this stuff
rissa on July 25
Love your bag! And I always wanna get some this but it really hard to find in Australia and expensive to, like $35 the only time i've seen it. :(
shabondama on July 25
I really like the Ojon Dry Shampoo. It goes on clear!!
saltinejustine on July 25
I've never even heard of such a thing! That's awesome!
tubemouse on July 25
I used a lot of corn starch as dry shampoo last semester; too many late nights! It works if you don't have any dry shampoo lying around.
rainelyn on July 24
i love the idea of the dry shampoo but it never works for me-- maybe i put too much on? plus the nozzle is annoying! im not crazy about the scents either. ive never tried psst though.
irides on July 24
I have never... ever tried that before, but it seems like such a good investment. Love the outfit--MUST find that top NOW.
summercouture on July 24
the bumble and bumble hair powder works real well!
Angel_In_The_Pit on July 24
I looove dry shampoo! But since I have dark here I have to rub it in so hard to make sure the white powder doesn't show! The worst is when I don't rub it out enough and later on it comes out and looks like dandruff. gross! Does anyone know a dry shampoo for dark hair?
tunamarie on July 24
wow I never knew there was such a thing.
thenoircollective on July 24
yay! dry shampoo is amazing and my morning best friend on days i wish i washed my hair the night before ;)
fashionispoison on July 24
i had never heard of dry shampoo before! gotta try it
jeasea on July 24
I use the oscar blandi mini guy when I'm traveling. it smells really good
Jazper on July 24
And, I really like the graphic!
Jazper on July 24
I wish I had long enough hair for the dry shampoo technique to work. You almost make me want to never shower again, you make it look that chic! Ha no, I will shower, and I will invest in travel sized hairspray as well. Psssssst looks like it'd fit my personality perfectly! And P.S. where's your weekender bag from? I've SRSLY been searching for something just like it for years.
Malinapoo on July 24
oh man. im in dear need for dry shampooo.....
a_brightspot on July 24
ahah, this is much needed for unbearable allnighters. a good fix, i would say! and i like your outfit!
kitschy on July 24
I love dry shampoo, but the nozzle always gets stuck on me! I just bought a $10 Ojon travel size and after only one use, it's broken. Nice tip on the Psst, I'll have to try that.

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