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Updated on May 30, 2009

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vro on June 06
Though I started to watch your videos really late I always loved them! The last one is also a great work! Love your way of telling things and smiling and giggling hehe :D I wish you a great time in NY and hope you'll experience a lot of cool things there. Keep us posted!
vintage_overload on June 06
yes i am late..internet was down but thankfully not because of the snow.. GOSH! when i saw this post of yours i was really bummed out and sad..i love your posts..your webisodes..i got them on my ipod and i crack up alot watching em cuz yre so darn cute!! yess! stormtrooper cute:) and i find you so honest..original..and you write so well! i wish you were still here on chictopia..dont gooooo.. :(
gigaginga on June 01
I always loved how clever and original your posts were on chictopia I also follow you on Tumblr! I'm interning in NY this summer so if you want to be my friend..! part of my job is to make a newsletter of cultural events in the city so I can definitely add your email! xx shelby
paulinabelle on June 01
aww connie we'll miss you!!! you have me cracking up at every post!! good luck in new york, thanks for your time at chictopia, and thanks for the 10 rules!!! <3
Catherinee on June 01
Congratulations and good luck in New York! I really looked forward to the EIU posts showing up in my daily reads :) Best of luck in everything!
helenz (@helenzhu) on June 01
congratulations connie! We miss you here already!
neneee on June 01
i'll miss your insights and biting wit here on eiu.. but you're going to take over new york, Connie!
Anj on June 01
Goodluck with everything, & congratulations on graduating! Hope you update your blog regularly (ilove it, u seem so genuine) , and goodluck in the city! xox
BruceLee on June 01
awwww... we're going to miss you!!! :(
styleseeking_nesli on June 01
congrats on graduations and I wish you all the best in NY!! Will follow your chic blogs for sure! :)
holliegolightly on June 01
Good luck in NY. I've truly enjoyed your EIU entries :)
supernab on June 01
best of luck in NY!
elysiamann on May 31
you're so articulate and that is something i have been working on myself. i'm graduating high school next week and i hope to be in a similar place that you're in when i graduate college! you're amazing and i genuinely wish you so much luck and happiness. xxx
inKARLcerating on May 31
oh cute connie! YOU Make me laugh.. and smile! were gon miss u! we are grateful that u existed coz u made each one of us discover our individuality and style! CONGRATS on yer graduation!! yer so sweet!! huhuhu HUGSS
EverybodyIsUgly on May 31
Thank YOU Karl! You are honestly one of my favorite bloggers here and I've really admired so much about how you approach fashion. Love you, dude.
tospendtime on May 31
This video was already amazing because you had old school OK Go. But I am going to miss you posting on eiu :( I was another person that was reallyy unsure when Lulu left... but you filled more than her shoes. You're so hilarious and down-to-earth but still passionate about fashion, which is perfect I think. Have SO much fun in New York and... stun/kill some bitches? And make 'em run into walls? :)
yourmess on May 31
i never comment but i figure i just wanted to say congratulations and i will miss you at eiu; you absolutely added spunk to this already great place!! i'll still follow your personal page :) good luck!
ivywang on May 31
I really enjoyed your video, haha you're adorable and hilarious, as well.
RazzleDazzleMe on May 31
You're so amazing. That song had my laughing and your post were some of my faves. Best wishes in New York!!
EverybodyIsUgly on May 31
<3 okgo (damien kulash was my first love)
raiscake on May 31
Congratulations and best of luck in New York! We'll be missing you sorely here on EIU, so you better kick ass left and right in NY. :D
EverybodyIsUgly on May 31
Duly noted. Good thing I'm wearing my docs there so I'll be ready for any ass kicking from the moment I land!
s_walt on May 31
connie, im now a chictopia member because of you! is that creepy and stalkerish? sorry - hahah...WELL i just loved your video and thought you had excellent advise for everyone. i hope to see more from you because your passion shows through in everything you do and it is a wonderful thing to see. congratulations.
EverybodyIsUgly on May 31
You're talking to the #1 internet creep/stalker so I take it as the highest compliment!
TheStylishWanderer on May 31
youre such a genius. and freaking hilarious. good luck with everything. ill miss yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
hi connie :) you've made my every time on chictopia a better experience, looking forward to your hilarious, informative and intelligent EIU posts. i have to admit, when lulu left i thought i would lose all enthusiasm for EIU! but you really left your own mark :) best of luck to you in nyc, wishes for success and happiness. again, thank you!
EverybodyIsUgly on May 31
Ack, you're way too sweet.
swinginthelobby on May 31
Connie! You have always been one of my favorite parts of Chictopia and I'm so excited for you and your upcoming New York adventures, but will miss you on EIU! Best of everything to you.
BirchandMahogany on May 31
congrats on graduating! what a milestone. you're going to have an AMAZING time in NYC. it's a great place to be. being a (high school) grad myself, i have to say that this post was really inspiring. you managed to capture all the bittersweet nostalgia and epic, awesome/terrifying-ness of the whole thing; and with the perfect dose of humor! thanks for your amazing words of wisdom, and good luck!!!
MarlaSinger on May 31
congrats for the graduation, connie! we'll miss you so much! thanks a lot for giving me opportunity to be a guest blogger on EIU. i'm so happy. good luck for everything in the city =DD <3
EverybodyIsUgly on May 31
Yay it was AWESOME having you !!
huongface on May 31
congrats Connie! good luck in NYC! You'll kick butt:0)
shadowplay_ on May 30
first of all, congrats :D ahhh but first annabel's gone, and now you?! D: you will be missed!
jazzyhwang on May 30
CONGRATS on graduating!! your goodbye is so bittersweet! but this was definitely a wonderful last post here on EIU. (: you're amazing! and you'll do wonderfully in new york <3 i wish you the best of luck (even though you won't need it.. :P ) ps. i LOVE your nail color!
EverybodyIsUgly on May 31
Haha thank you! It's the quickdry stuff from Sally Hanson and I should have known I'm way too clumsy for it because I kept messing up and it kept drying before I got a chance to paint over it :(
libys11 on May 30
amazing dear.. you will be so missed!!!! :D thanks for the wonderful advices.. i totally agree with them! :D and yeah, im adding you now.. i didn't realize you had your own account here. congratulations and goodluck!!!! :D
pwincessbebe on May 30
congrats on graduating :))) we'll miss you Connie. Oh i totally agree with rules #4,5 and 8. Thank you for your cool advices, good luck in NY :))
NastasiaP on May 30
Awwwww... thats so sad, yet happy. I hope that everything works out wonderfully for you in New York. Haha great cut-out by the way! I feel inspired to make one for my own mother now when I leave for university. Anyway, I'm off to subscribe to your regular chictopia blog (which I didn't realize you had!) so that I can still get great advice and learn more from you. Thanks a lot!
MegandVince on May 30
Congratulations on graduating! Good luck in New York Connie! We'll miss you! and thank you for all the awesome advice and insight you've shared with all of us! <3
classytrash on May 30
#4 #4 #4 #4 #4 #4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & OMG no your mom did not make a cardboard cut out of you. "Some people's feet will get cold and these people will wear Uggs."
EverybodyIsUgly on May 31
There are also pictures of me throughout the years. Everytime I go home, I feel like I'm sleeping in my shrine. SO CREEPY.
carly_carls_cars on May 30
ps congrats on your graduation! (and I meant, we'll miss you ON EIU..not at...i dunno..i think i need ESL help lol)
EverybodyIsUgly on May 31
hehe no worries. Marcus pointed out like 3 typos on this post after I had published it!
carly_carls_cars on May 30
oh no you're leaving? :( we'll miss you at EIU!

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