Oh, Khakis?

Updated on Jun 11, 2009

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eastcoast on June 15
Terrible chunky dress shoes on men. Ugh. Especially by Skechers.
classytrash on June 15
RazzleDazzleMe on June 12
I'm not sure about khakis on dudes. My dad wear them and he likes every other dad in middle America. I do like the jacket on the first guy.
raiscake on June 12
I think khakis on men are alright. My dad wears them pretty well with the right shoes. I can't stand khaki with flip flops though.
klayrie on June 12
love this outfit x men...they are greAT
Speedbump on June 11
I've always kind of liked khakis on men, but probably because I fall for nerds. Hehe. I agree though that there's the good and the bed.
Speedbump on June 11
OMG, I meant bad. -_-;; Freudian slip much?
mandark on June 11
oh i hate visible panty lines too. most especially visible THONG panty lines. eep.
tospendtime on June 11
Wow, these guys pulled it off niiicely! I am absolutely loving the trench and cuffed-ness. I personally haven't come across anything that is an absolutely NO on ANYONE. If I come across something that I can't pull off, I just think someone else in the world can pull it off. Everything is possible! :D
Martina on June 11
i did agree with the no khakis on dudes. it reminds me to much of catholic school uniforms for guys. But these guys make it effortlessly good lookin' an absolute no for me is wearing sandals w/ no nail polish. I'm not sure why, but it just doesn't look nice at all :P
classytrash on June 11
hahaha omg yes, crusty toes in sandals. i don't think it's possible to pull that off EVER.

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