Floral Rompers

Updated on Jun 19, 2009

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longsnore on August 28
cutest romper
kluhhd on March 21
love it! <3
bjkdAnc3r on March 07
i love her sandals.
lydia on August 08
God, I love all three. Floral rompers rule my life.
Jasna on June 22
Agreed! Luv this!!= my chic vote xx
XxAngel_Emz95xX on June 21
Great outfit!!!
thriftnstyle on June 21
Very pretty!
jellybeansonhigh on June 20
the romper is ace!
Izzy787 on June 20
That romper is seriously cute!
projectrika on June 19
totally agree with everything you said. and thank you! I FINALLY know what that piece of clothing is called: ROMPERS. lol. I've been in love with them all summer and was sad i ddnt know what to call it. so thanks! love your style so much! love the vest and belt idea. Love the florals! It's all over this summer and it's awesome!! really thanks for this.
WickedPlumVintage on June 19
OMG that is the cutest romper ever!!! love those sandals with it!!!
patriciadeleon on June 19
lissakahayon on June 19
Oh wow i love this article!!! Gotta love rompers!!!
missmadhatter on June 19
FLORAL ROMPERS ARE THE BEST! And I found one at Screaming Mimi's I absolutely adored and the brand was my name. But it was missing a button and not worth the $90...but I think of it everyday. lol
classytrash on June 19
AH! $90 is definitely a stretch =( Finding the perfect one is definitely a challenge.
KateDeMoi on June 19
i myself am in love with rompers lol... they are just awesome...i prefer anna sui's, they're amazing <3... you pull it off
FashionEye on June 19
I love the floral romper! Your outfit looks great.
Pink_and_Glitter on June 19
aaw, this looks great!
crazyirishlass16 on June 19
i love this romper!!!
ceproctor on June 19
love the romper! You rocked it!
mnavoy on June 19
i love romperz =D
charlie_lately on June 19
so pretty I love that romper
IslandChic77 on June 19
very nice
Nubbi on June 19
love the first floral romper! so cuteee!
HoneyBunny on June 19
I looove floral rompers!And I'm desperately looking for one;D
Shabby_chic on June 19
Again it took me awhile to confirm its u in this pic!! :) U look so glowing and refreshing in these summery outfits! Love the rompers on u! <3
classytrash on June 19
thank you darling! i've stopped wearing so much make up ;p
jazzyhwang on June 19
i adore your look :) i'm glad you're putting more color into your outfits because you look fabulous in them!! this is a wonderful lost! oh and i love the last part: "When venturing out into the world of Style Choices You Will Regret When You’re Old, remember to make the transition seamlessly by making the garment your own. Looking like yourself is the best form of fashion." you're amazing<3
classytrash on June 19
just when i was beginning to wear color - i post an all black outfit! ;p oh well, i'm trying =)) & thanks darling! i wish fashion would switch from this attitude of "buy this, wear this, look how cool we are because we have the new in thing" and instead promote the manifestation of individual tastes, feelings and attitudes. me + fashion = love/hate
Shantee on June 19
i love your romper! i wish i could find something like this.
shayelle on June 19
I'm definitely going to give this look a try.. your cues definitely helped me! :]
classytrash on June 19
i'm glad! can't wait to see =)! be sure to post a link ;)
tospendtime on June 19
Dang. I've been wondering for ages how the hell to pull off the romper. Do you have any tips for someone that's the opposite body type (aka short torso and loooong legs)? Every romper I try on makes me look kinda... frumpy. And thank you so much for this article, I absolutely LOVE your writing! Esp the pastel blue nails part, lol.
classytrash on June 19
- when i tried this on, i thought i looked weird but i asked for a second opinion & it turned out better than i thought =) we're always our own worst critic.
classytrash on June 19
good question! i would try to avoid rompers that have lots of fabric on top & go for form fitting tops instead, i.e. corset tops. the extra fabric on top can make it seem like it's pulled higher than it needs to be. i think defining the waistline, lower or higher than natural depending on body shape, is the key to not looking frumpy! also, you might look better than you think -
u_ung on June 19
Nice dress!!
jayrineve on June 19
OMG PRETTY! i dont know if its the angle of the photo or what but you look so tiny! keep up the great posts miss. :)
classytrash on June 19
ahaha yea i'm tiny ='( 5'2 or something.
chelseacouture on June 19
you're amazing. i cant even tell you how much cat and i say "gosh, i miss kristine" while at work wishing you were there to entertain us with accents and your freaking fabulous style <3
classytrash on June 19
ruv & mish you bb

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