Chic Stuff: Jimmy Choo x H&M

Updated on Jun 22, 2009

Comments (6)

bjkdAnc3r on March 07
ooh i LOVE these.
lisalovesyou on June 25
will this be international? i'm going to be abroad in the fall =/
flowersneverbend on June 23
i'm going to line up, for sure :) i read somewhere that estimates were for $60-180.
Speedbump on June 23
Hm, good to know. Seems kind of pricey, but I guess at that price point we can expect real leather?
eleppo52 on June 22
AHH i saw an article on this to! Im so excited. and i even marked it on my calender : ) (im so forgetful) I hope they dont sure the bags will be amazing!! cant wait
Speedbump on June 23
I know! Probably the best idea. I always write it down in my calendar as soon as I hear! :)
CandiceCarnage on June 22
i need to get these!
eastcoast on June 22
I'd line up if there were a store here to line up at! As far as H&M and Houston are concerned there are only rumors for potential openings. But I suppose there is plenty of time to open should the rumors be remotely true!

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