Style Challenge || Baggy Shorts

Updated on Jul 02, 2009

Comments (5)

bjkdAnc3r on March 07
her hair and shoes = BEAUTIFUL!
Yosef on July 16
This is so wonderful. And while we are talking about wonderful shots, have you already heard the good news about, Maria del Carmen Bousada? Maria del Carmen Bousada is no more. She has ceased to be. She wasn't famous for anything until the last few years of her life, when she was touted as the World's Oldest Mother, giving birth at the age of 66. <a href="
cocorosa on July 04
love the baggy jeans shorts :) love this :)
michibaby on July 03
i love baggy shorts makes shorts in general look more chic not trashy
RazzleDazzleMe on July 02
Need to make cut-off's but I'm not willing to sacrifice the pants I want to use. But will some help, I know, I could do it. I like your simple style tips for this look.

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