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Updated on Jul 06, 2009

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kaydyanful on July 10
lol love the michael button!!!
mbonilla85 on July 07
Aw love your pin! R.I.P. Michael
annajyu on July 06
Lala, you're quite an inspiration! I hear ya about buying magazines in this economy. Right now I only buy Lula (which I hear might be folding soon *sob*) and "borrow" other mags like Vogue from work. But then I read 90+ blogs all on Google Reader all for free! So I'm also looking forward to the future of blogs and online mags like N.E.E.T. & Prim.
840 on July 06
Speedbump on July 06
Wow, I love Dujour Magazine! I am obsessed with their blog! I hope to someday maybe get my foot in the door of the fashion industry too. But I don't like the idea of magazines dying, even though so many have either folded or cut back in the past few months. I just love touching and holding my mags! (I'm a creep)
twinkl on July 06
Great info! I especially liked learning how you got your foot into the door of the fashion industry. It is true that money is a great concern when considering print vs. online media. I think this just means that printed media should really consider its physical value as a book/publication and not a disposable periodical.
woohoo on July 06
This is very insightful! I also see myself reading less and less magazines because there is too much on internet. Oh and did I mention that I so want to be in NYC? haha. Great work with the blog, Lala!

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