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Updated on Aug 12, 2009
thrifted dress - monday market sunglasses - outlet shoes
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simplycheap 's Thoughts:

Okay, shoot me for wearing too many striped outfits. And what, there are 3-4 pics on this page alone of girls wearing stripes. Stripes is about to rule the world! Mwhahahahaha………………

When I saw this on the rack of a thrift store, I know I have to have it. The ruffled neckline, the faux zippered pockets, and again, the striped top. What’s not to love? Even so, it will probably never see the sun outside the closet besides the need for this photo gasp. (oh come on, I know there are some clothes in your closet that have the same destiny as mine wink wink)…

Why? Because it is a bodicon dress. I won’t spend the whole day wearing it by always keeping a good posture and hold in my tummy ;). It makes me conscious of my body, thus the name, hello!

Which brings us to this topic:

I notice sometimes we tend to be overly conscious to our body and self-criticize the way we look. I too am guilty of this But the truth is, which revealed itself to me post-joining-chictopia, people don’t even notice.

I bet one or twice you read posts that says:
- Sorry for the ugly/pale/blehh face. It’s late at night.
- Sorry for my big thighs/bulging tummy/pale/dark skin. I wish I have …. (something they think better)
- I look so fat, I need to diet
- OMG, I have red dots in the middle of my nose. Wekkkss! Sorry.
These are not exact quotes, I’m paraphrasing here.

The funny thing is, I wouldn’t even have noticed it if they hadn’t mentioned it in the first place.
The girls writing how not-camera-friendly their faces are, are actually gorgeous in their photos.
The girls complaining about their bodyshape, gosh they’re even slimmer than me.
The zits in your face, well it’s too small I just can’t see it.

Which brings us to the conclusion that: Beauty is the eyes of the beholder.

Chictopia really opens my mind on how a self-image that you think you convey to other people may be taken quite differently by the eyes of others. Also that beauty can be relative. Your flaws can be sought after advantages in other people’s eyes.

I remember a song, that really sinks in my mind:
Don’t you ever wish you were someone else. You were meant to be the way you are exactly.
Don’t you ever say you don’t like the way you are, when you learn to love yourself, you better off by far.

(Anybody can guess the title and the singer of that song?)

So, I guess every time I’m feeling not so good about myself, I have to remember what my father always says. Look down to others who are less fortunate than you. Sort of looking at silver linings in dark clouds. It will make any problems lighter on your shoulder.

Oh Gosh, when I’m in mood of writing I can colloquy for paragraphs here….sorry to put you up with it…
I just want to share some insights of what went through my mind every time I am in here. I don’t think being stylish also means being shallow. Do you?

Comments (22)

MissSmile1423 on June 30
This is so pretty! Love the skirt and shirt
Bennie52491 on September 07
NurFauzziah on August 22
i like your style :)
legitstyle on August 14
you look so good in it, you dont need to be self conscious, youre gorgeous and slim
acizgirl on August 14
love the thin strips. i'm looking for thin strips but they are of no availability. hate fat strips u look great!!
allllure on August 14
Love every detail
Narmina on August 13
I love this picture, looks like from fashion editorial:D I love that the top and skirt are so feminine and you wear them not with heels but with sneakers:)And great sunglasses by the way!!
simplycheap on August 13
Thanks narmina! the sneakers is because i don't have anything else that'd go. Glad you like it!
simplycheap on August 13
Thanks for sharing and commenting everybody! You are beautiful!
ellabelle on August 13
i love your dress! it looks great on you...and i'm obsessed with stripes too! XD i'm soo guitly of apologizing for how i look cuz i always look so depressed in my pics XD but i guess when it comes to fashion, it's mostly about appearance so everyone's a little self-conscious
dyg on August 13
beautiful blouse
Kaydeelicious on August 13
I love the skirt an cute zippers. :)
sarahs on August 13
i love your dress!
projectrika on August 13
cute!!! love your skirt!!
LaLiza on August 13
I love your top. :-)
SylviaFebrina on August 13
love this one sistaa!! hmm
Mariemma on August 13
&love the skirt :)
lissakahayon on August 13
Cute shades!!!!
yuri on August 13
Love this outfit, you look smashing! ^^
pwincessbebe on August 13
i love the details on your top, and the body con skirt is awesome ! to wear a fit outfit like a bodycon dress needs lots of confidence, so, two thumbs up for you, u look fab in it ;) I think every girl will always think they're fat, lol. Lack confidence will always be every girl's issue. So what i'm doing now is, trying to make peace with myself.
simplycheap on August 13
Make peace, that's so true!
coldlight on August 13
i love your dress, it looks great on you! i enjoyed reading this post and i agree with you..but yes it does take time for one to learn to love their body and be confident about it! but i think chictopia is a great place to get inspiration, people are welcomed no matter what their body shape/size and everyone is really friendly :)
simplycheap on August 13
Yes, chictopia really broadens my mind too and has the nicest crowd here. Thanks for reading my loooooong post, coldlight!
beckyxoxo on August 13
love the whole outfit ! :D and you're right . hahhaa .
sporadic_haidrofilik on August 12
i want everything about this outfit!!! the dress is so fab and those sunglasses are so cute!
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