Backhanded Compliments

Updated on Nov 02, 2009

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citysleek on January 04
Thanks for the post! Definitely true..
Bennie52491 on June 11
maggiemay on November 17
i get alot of these around campus and school, the criticism hurts but it's great to read your article adressing this. it's great to come to chictopia, to people who feel the same. great inspirational post Emma x
kirstielove on November 15
I definitely love post with substance. I try my hardest to inspire those in what I write but I feel like that has yet to happen. This is so true, I dont know how many times someone has complimented an outfit im wearing like this. I used to take it to heart but now im getting over it. thank you for your amazing words.
barbroandersen on November 11
Thank you for writing this, I really needed to read something like this now ! I have this backhanding visitor on my blog, and I just feel awful when reading his comments.
goldentheponyboy on November 10
as for the backhanded compliments the best way to react i think is a smile to these people a smile of happiness and fullfillness because that's something that an evil person can't handle!
goldentheponyboy on November 10
you are cute from head to toe i love your cute hair styling!!
dmk on November 07
i love it!!! simplicity and originality!!!
Aphrodite on November 03
I remember writing about how great this site is, i still feel that. i dedicate hours and hours everyday to this site, i used to have coffee and cigarette right after i wake up, now i have chictopia for breakfast. I abandoned my Myspace and facebook etc for Chictopia, i still have faith in this site even if there are bad neighbors. And about ur top, i have it in 3 colors!!! =)
NinxVengco on November 03
I just received one recently: "Is this your fave top? Oh well..." Hahahaha! So funny! As if you can't repeat your own clothes. I'm not a queen. And you said it really well: they're just JEALOUS.
LAURAMATEOS on November 03
You inspired me!
Annachiara on November 03
styleaddicted on November 03
certainly NOT pregnant looking. only fabulous!
viffy on November 02
love it !
joannaladrido on November 02
adding to faves this look! its soooo amazing!!!!
jazzyhwang on November 02
great post!! you write so well! i especially love the part about washing out the bad taste with ice cream rather than toothpaste. gorgeous look, as always :)
deefined on November 02
Liz, you totally rocked that topic. We've discussed this before and I couldn't agree with you more. Well said! xx.
SaraSara on November 02
love your hair!!
LadySmaggle on November 02
Totally agree! Can't stand a backhander... Well said.
libys11 on November 02
ooohhh.. i get them too (not in chictopia though), but in real life.. and i try to just dont mind them!!! you're quite right in saying they're a bit bitter in giving those out. great post! i like how you're able to handle not just mere fashion photos here in chictopia, but also quality posting.. :D
Carolala on November 02
love your hairstyle
AndJunk on November 02
love it

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