The Many Uses of Vaseline!

Updated on Aug 18, 2008

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bkgurl36 on January 22
nice shirt
Ayaka on October 23
thanks for the tips!
kittypiasta on September 09
yeah , my midwife was very against vaseline... but she never really gave me a good explanation why....
kalonity on August 25
vaseline is pretty versatile, but in the end it's still a cheap petroleum byproduct that comes from underground, which makes the safety of using it near eyes, etc debatable in the long run :/ ultrabland from LUSH cosmetics is a great alternative, though!
chemicool on August 25
i had a friend that was allergic to chapstick in middle school too, but she would go nuts on the vaseline and just put it all over past her lips and pretty much all over her eating hole area.
lindarrr on August 25
hahahah eating hole....
j_e_n on August 24
*gasp* you've just exposed my makeup removing secret to the world! j/k ;) but seriously, it's been the one thing I've used for years and has been so effective in removing all my eye makeup. I love it.
phantasy on August 24
Thanks for the tips! Very helpful!
thislilpiggyflew on August 23
this reminds me of an episode on the tyra banks show.
thefieldsofelysium on August 21
for lips, i find that the squeeze-tube version of C.O. Bigelow's "my favorite lip balm" has exactly the same consistency and properties as Vaseline...much easier to carry around, though it doesn't mean i love Vaseline any less. :)
twinrant on August 21
my sister was addicted for 5 years of high school then one day her lips became immune to its effects and shes switched to paw paw cream. Do you have that in the states? im from australia
lindarrr on August 21
paw paw cream sounds interesting. i don't think we have it here though :(
Australia on August 20
Vaseline is very useful in the winter when lotion isn't enough to tame dry skin. It's my winter essential!
maximillia on August 19
if you don't feel like wearing shadow, looks great over the eyelids to give a subtle sheen - calvin klein makes an eyegloss that gives the same effect!
lindarrr on August 21
yeah, ive tried that! makes your eyelashes look good too!
Dija on August 19
Vaseline can also be used as a base for eye makeup but you have to apply a thin layer, or else it will crease. Vaseline is so versatile!
lindarrr on August 21
tunamarie on August 19
you can also add pigments to it instead of blush.
Tali on August 19
tip: I used to rub vaseline under my eyes and on my eye lashes at night. On my eye lashes to keep moist since I wear a ton of mascara and my undereyes to keep the sensitive skin there moisturized and dark shadow free.. its a bit enviroment unfriendly, so now i use castor oil or olive oil. works just as great!
Tali on August 19
oh yeah, also if you're ever...somewhere..and neep to refresh your face because you dont have access to like your normal stuff, i rub a tiny bit on my eyes to refresh my eyeshadow if i was weaaring a neutral color, like brown or gold.
yesiwillyes on August 19
this is brilliant.
yesiwillyes on August 19
this is brilliant.
cieerra on August 19
I agree with you about the awesomeness of vaseline. I wear it on my lips all the time. People make fun of me, because I carry it around at school all the time, but it's worth it. :)
imajetsetter on August 19
I love Vaseline! I put it on my lips before I go to bed, and in the morning, no more chapped lips =) I don't need anything for the day on my lips after that.
JLo on August 19
Btw also works well as a cheekbone highlighter - just make sure you blend lots so theres no visible line. Oh, and dry hands, of which I am a sufferer in winter. Hair serum too. God I love my little tin :) Skin apparently builds an addiction to Vaseline, so that when you can't use it, the skin suffers withdrawal symptoms!!

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