how to save money!

Updated on Aug 27, 2008

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mnavoy on August 31
unfortunately there are zero good thrift stores around where I live. I see all these wonderful thrifted things on chictopia and I never see anything like it here :(
Rebekka on August 30
Those boots are perfect. I've been looking for similar ones for ever
AmandaMichele on August 29
Another thing that works for me is taking a trip to the craft store and getting things like buttons, feathers, ribbon and embelishments to add shiny new buttons to the boring old shirt or make a little design on a skirt that your tired of looking at-for very little money you can turn things you normally pass over in your closet into something new and unique.
iamashleigh on August 29
very fun :)
MaleUgly on August 29
rad dress! thanks for the tips :) i've been trying to adopt my friend's rule of "create 3 outfits with this garment" when shopping. also, when going through your own clothes: have you worn this within the last 3 months? if not, sell it!
lydia on August 29
Ha, this is all very true. I don't have a credit card and still spend WAAAY too much money on clothes (my mother will prob be putting an end to that soon). Regardless, I say if you love shopping but are on a budget, definitely haunt thrift stores. The finds are AMAZING and also AMAZINGLY cheap. I found $4 slouchy leather boots today which are exactly like the $120 UO ones I (almost) bought.
Dija on August 28
Thank you for this post! I have to do back-to-school shopping on a tight budget and I made a list of things I want.
tinybones on August 28
i have a good tips myself that haven proven very useful: : when you just can't stop yourself from "just browsing" and find some things you think you love, buy it if they're returnable. don't take the tags off, put it on everyday, wear it around your house and really think about if it's worth it. Once the desire to own it is gone, then you can really think straight.
clarissacurry on August 28
i should really work on the "do i really need this" cause at the time of course i do. but when i take it home sometimes i regret it. too late! haha
littlemissR on August 28
super cute dress! i adore your boots!
LaArtificiaLDoLL on August 28
beautiful outfit~! and i agree.. credit cards are EVIL!
IamME on August 27
nice floral dress!
Snowshoe on August 27
oh i'm so jealous of your thrifted booties. i always keep my eye out for such a thing but have yet to find it.
lholowaychuk on August 27
beautiful pictures. i love your smile + expressions. so heart warming!

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