How to clean your own makeup brushes

Updated on Sep 02, 2008

Comments (5)

hairypotter on September 07
dish soap is amazing for this. use palmolive (tough on grease, soft on hands). it seriously takes 20 seconds tops.
MiyaBi_Na on September 03
ps. i like your top in this pic!
MiyaBi_Na on September 03
I also heard about using facial cleanser- something like Cetaphil, very gentle. Makes sense since it's SUPPOSED to wash makeup off your face...should work for brushes too.
wrappedinpink on September 03
I'm glad you wrote this! Too many people NEVER wash their brushes, and I'm crazy about it. One tip: it's best to use BABY shampoo. It's much milder on the bristles. :D
princessMLim on September 02
i do that tooooo! haha. I usually soak my brushes in a shampoo+water solution overnight. :))

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