how to find the perfect cardigan

Updated on Sep 09, 2008

Comments (30)

Ellieeey on April 19
woah i like all of them (:
Sincerely on March 29
I like the blue one(:
mathonka on March 02
love your collection! I'm just preparing my set!
umyeahno on September 18
I want to wear this look so bad but I dont think I can, I have a long torso. Thoughts? I wouldnt even know where to start or what size to get.
almara on September 18
I love all!!
snowbunny on September 12
omg love those long cardigans. i've been looking for the perfect one. how tall are you? i'm worried that..such a long cardigan will make a tiny person like me..shrink some more o_O
Louisaa66 on September 12
loove long cardigans they can dress up a whole outfit :D want them all
Noir on September 10
I like all! you look so nice!
elec_tric on September 10
ahhhh I have a weakness for cardigans! Soooo cute.
mnavoy on September 10
ah I absolutely adore American Apparel (HAH! my English teacher would be proud of my alliteration) . Unfortunately the nearest one is lots of walking and an hours train away :( The cardigans look so chic with everything even though all you did was switch some accesories and the color. Also, you always look adorable smiling and whatnot in all your pictures =)
purplehibiscus on September 10
Ive definetly been looking for oversized cardigans, you've helped me on my quest, thanks!
LaPetiteCaroline on September 10
I love that shirtdress, where is it from?
lydia on September 10
So you look so flippin' adorable in all of these pics that I might have to copy you for eternity. And I think the next time I go to AA, I'll have to get another V-neck tee and one of those cardigans. Where is the dress from? (the white)
pwincessbebe on September 10
WOW, i love all pictures ! i love how you make the cardigans so chic
benedikttt on September 10
i'm really in love with every kind of cardingans too!! i like it with the scarf...
InstantVintage on September 09
<3 what you did with all the cardys. I need more.
_ANITA on September 09
gah that red cardigan is currently number 2 on my wish list. (L)
ThereseJane on September 09
I love your button-up! Its the perfect length to go with a long cardi. Where is it from?
sxcfce on September 09
the cardigan is definitely a staple in my wardrobe. i have almost every color imaginable under the sun!
Margot on September 09
It is so interesting how just by changing a cardigan and opting for scarves entirely change an outfit. Bravo!
fizzygizzard on September 09
mmm lovely oversized cardigans. where is the white dress thing from?
curiousrabbit on September 11
I believe I have the same shirt dress, it's from H&M, only mines is stripey light grey. Also available in black and stripey blue
flamantflamboyant on September 09
Whoever invented cardigans was a genius.
classytrash on September 09
the gap boyfriend cardigan is my favorite! i loooove the way it fits. i might have to invest in this AA one too though.
shoppingforsanity on September 09
I love your cardigans! I definitely need a few more for fall.
ifred on September 09
I love ur outfit!! i really like!
ParisTarts on September 09
I have the oversized AA carti in red...I wear it year round with dresses...even as a robe...its the cherry on top of any outfit!
Cocco on September 09
love 1 and colours...
KyrasThreads on September 09
just got a oversized cardigan in red like yours from jcrew and yes I love it
ladyoftheflowers on September 09
I love the first one!
Dija on September 09
I've been lemming for the Oversized AA Cardigan since last year, it will definitely be one of my fall purchases.

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