how to look chic for morning classes

Updated on Sep 11, 2008

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lilykhumaira on October 27
musacm on October 07
pinkpink917 on October 03
sparksofspring on September 28
Great tips! xx
Iesah on September 24
love photos.. so cute!!
chrissylovesyou on August 28
Love this!
KhueDao on June 26
000ecstaSY000 on May 08
angelsanddemons96 on April 18
YoQueSe_ on March 02
soo nice! Pretty
rikit on September 13
i hate morning classes!!! great tips on the sweaters and legging combo. i sleep as late as i can, usually leaving me 10-15 min to get ready. i don't even have enough time to wait for the straightener to heat up!
MariMaria on September 12
i have a class every tuesday at 7 am , i actually considered getting dress at night going to bed...and TADA!!.. i'm ready in the morning...but i thought leggins +cardigan+scarf+sunglasses combo was a better idea.
Rebekka on September 12
Great tip on the leggings thing. You look so chic. ove the satchel. I work as a barista on campus before my 10 am classes, so its early mornings for me most days. I usually plan what to wear the night before.
minimu on September 12
yoestolosiento on September 12
Very very cute!
murmur on September 12
you deserve more than just a comment for the advice on the bangs. oily bangs = misery. thank you so much :) this saved my life. seriously.
ParisTarts on September 12
Awwws u look really cute!
shella on September 12
oh man i LOVE the first picture so so so much!!! you really look good in that. and thanks, awesome advice! xoxo!
purplehibiscus on September 12
advice amazing, need some good ole warm leggings to make my life function better.
Chic_ken on September 12
Ive just got my bangs cut and my estimated prep. time for the mornings has gone from 55mins to 35mins. Its great- I no longer have to finish my cereal on the sidewalk, well you get my drift.
Noir on September 12
Allways cool!
rachaelisasavage on September 11
i really like how you actually keep up with your posts, unlike like other editions of EIU. your stuff does help alot. and im sure not just to me. everyone should take after you :) oh and nice hai. i love mine
sugarxnspice on September 11
Simple and chic! I brew coffee at home too. I like the feeling of drinking homemade coffee in the kitchen.
clareclarita on September 11
with you on this one. i hate sweatpants/flip-flops combos at uni. i do not have 8 am classes but sometimes even 10 am can seem all too early - like today! i'll have to try the over-size sweater look
azizax on September 11
Very cute. I have a cell biology class at 8am every tues and thurs and I usually just set my clothes out ahead of time. I do brush my teeth in the shower too if I'm showering in the morning but usually I just shower at night. Also, I love your bag. I have a smaller version of it in camel. It's delicious.
InstantVintage on September 11
Wow. If I could do this everyday for work, I'd be set. Thanks, girlie!
imajetsetter on September 11
I actually brush and wash my hair in the shower while I still have my conditioner on, saves me plenty of time. Thanks for the tips, my school starts 20 minutes later than yours but I have to catch the bus at 7:15 AM
Prestidigitation on September 11
I need to get a new straightener so I can actually do this in the morning! how do you like yours? i
_ANITA on September 11
i kinda like morning classes, the earlier you start, the faster the day will go by. love your simple school outfit.
karlamuffin on September 11
I love this considering I have 8 am classes on MWF. Definitely will take your advice! =)
princessMLim on September 11
HAHA, i used to brush my teeth in the shower just because.... :)) pretty and chic even in the mornings... :)
Margot on September 11
Thank you for giving me hope that I too can look stylish on a student budget.
geenie on September 11
aww i like this, it's simple yet very helpful :) i love your makeup !!! scarves make a difference <3 haha ive done the shower brush my teeth before !
mchole on September 11
i hate morning classes... my outfit always gets better as the day goes on because i'm usually too zoned to pick out something good. Great ideas!
vikkimall on September 11
Oh i love your hair idea, so casual but still chic.
pandasarered on September 11
hats are a definite staple for me in the morning, so much easier that putting on a "presentable"face. definately feeling the scarves as well

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