I realized today that I need a full-length mirror!

Updated on Mar 17, 2010
beige American Eagle sweater - green American Eagle shirt - blue American Eagle
Beige-american-eagle-sweater-green-american-eagle-shirt-blue-american-eagle- Beige-american-eagle-sweater-green-american-eagle-shirt-blue-american-eagle-
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Who photographs you for the pictures on your Chictopia blogs?
2%   My roommates!  
14%   My friends! 
5%   My family! 
12%   My significant other! 
64%   Myself! 
Total Votes: 42
justbenatural 's Thoughts:

…or a personal photographer! So, this is my first official blog post on Chictopia. I got up kinda late this morning, had school today – so as you can see I didn’t go too crazy with accessories, styling, etc (I mean… my hair’s still wet! lol), but hopefully as time progresses I’ll have more time to plan outfits and post for you guys! I love this community!

So about this outfit – a good portion of my clothes are from American Eagle (seeing how I use to work there! 40% discount, people)! It’s St. Patrick’s Day today, so of course had to wear a green graphic-tee! =) This shirt is so cute. It has a peace sign and graphics reminisicent of summer camp logos! And I want to be a summer camp director eventually – so I had to get it! I also was wearing a brown bracelet with a peace sign on it (you can’t really see it here but I’ll try and upload a second picture), and brown flip-flops which are the same color as the bracelet. I don’t know if you can really see the eyeshadow – but I used Josie Maran’s eyeshadows in Trance and Thirst. I love this palette and the whole brand because they put minimal chemicals in the eyshadow, the pigment is so vivid yet with a soft feel and they blend well. I was inspired by the orange-ish/bronze-y colors because… they reminded me of beer. lol Seriously, though! A pretty version of beer for my eyes for St. Patrick’s Day (I don’t really drink beer so this was my tribute)!

In the near future, I’ll have a full-length mirror (I’ve been wanting one for a while now – so I just have more of a reason to get one!), so that if I do have to take the pictures of myself, they’ll look more decent. I’m also trying to get some friends to get on Chictopia (I know they’ll love it!), so maybe we’ll all trade off on the picture taking!

Ahhh sorry to ramble and babble. What are your tips for taking model porftolio worthy pictures for your profile?

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dustyrosevintage on March 18
Awesome bracelet! Thanks for all the nice comments!
priya2216 on March 18
I love the sweater and bracelet! I always get other people to take my photos and I also use the timer on my camera.
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