how to stay on task (and get good grades!)

Updated on Sep 17, 2008

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msellejay on March 29
This always will be my favourite post :)
brownmon on October 29
i looove this blog. it's really what everyone should focus on if they want things done.. yes, the includes me. LOL great post! :)
Lilian on September 22
I don't think this post could've come at a better time! Like umyeahno im nearing the end of my high-schooling life and I think i've veered off-track immensely! :S I seriously need to exercise tips 3,7 & 10. 5-6 hrs sleep a night = not good!!! ...and the net, esp chictopia is toxic! (but I love it!)
AnnaMaria on September 19
these pictures are so creative and you're so cute.
umyeahno on September 18
this is just what I needed. A reminder to stay on track cause there are SO many distractions. I'm graduating at the end of this term and I feel like I have senioritis all over again.
geenie on September 18
i agree, great suggestions, i'm really trying to be on task! ugh! oh yeah i like your handwriting and the pen! it looks like runs smoothly :) OMG i drank too much coffee yesterday and hurled like crazy. not good before the day of the test but my mind was clear :D
mistofolis on September 18
I love the shot you did with your planner. mine looks like a tornado went through it. :P since i have a long weekend, im trying to cross off as much as possible of course! good luck with the rest of college!
Chic_ken on September 18
Thankfully my school year hasnt started yet so I'm still ahead but when it does start I vow to keep ahead, starting by purchasing the nicest planner to motivate me. I did pretty much everything you said not to do in my 1st year but luckily in England your freshman yr doesnt count to your final grade (even though I passed it all in the end) this time I'm going to be better!
carly_carls_cars on September 18
yes definitely agree internet is a terrible distractor! how else can three hours fly by without you even knowing it! aarh! this semester our mid-sem holiday is really late (i.e. haven't had it yet and semester began in july!) so everyone is freaking out and we actually sold out of that 'mother' drink across the whole campus! scary!
tubemouse on September 17
It's my last year in college and I'm still breaking all those rules. Just started on homework due tomorrow morning and it's 2. Whoops. Energy drinks are evil! I spent most of sophomore year drinking one that has a lot of real juice in it, but still, it was full of sugar and terrible for you. I've just started drinking yerba mate. Hopefully that will give me the energy without the shakes!
rees on September 17
i really need to follow this! def an awesome post. and i love how cute and awkward you are! (:
LovelyBold on September 17
Brilliant post, really helpful. I am only my thrid week into first year of college and it's overwhelming! The internet is proving a huge distraction for me, and I skipped a few readings this week :| thanks though, this was cute.
Bonnie on September 17
This is awesome! being chic is being smart.
Tali on September 17
cheers to THAT XD I love being geeky. I think it makes me cool.
xelayu on September 17
i definitely agree with all the tips u gave :D haha, LOL at the 1st photo, such a cute shot of u:D haha
MichelleYue on September 17
awesome post! :)

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