the "leggings as pants" debate

Updated on Oct 07, 2008

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MarinaCaroline on February 05
nice! :)
yayapril on April 25
I just adore this simple outfit!
KillerQueeen on February 07
I love leggings!
FatenOthman on December 17
cute! <3
insatiable on December 06
Okay, leggings look really silly when youre wearing a regular length, fitted top. BUT they look good with a long less fitted top, a tunic. I know people who just wear them in replacement of their jeans and it doesn't look good. That's just how I chose to wear them though
pinkpink917 on October 05
CMincksRun on September 19
Leggings are totally pants.
kennyperry on September 16
sleek and chic!
ChicSpandex on June 13
Great look, great explanation of the best way to wear leggings. Let add that they are better than pants because they are smooth and slimming.
automaticayley on June 02
i use leggings as pants sometimes! :))
automaticayley on June 02
i use leggings as pants sometimes! :))
reklawysdnil on May 22
It's a matter of confidence in your body and making sure the fabric is totally opaque. Oh, and underthings that don't show!
gtdm2010 on January 11
lovely :)
missyprissy on November 25
love those sweaters
JerriMortis on November 22
jel on November 13
i like leggings as pants as long as the top is long and covers the but .
Miller on January 18
agree agree agree:)
panduhlovvve on January 18
i'm defff for leggings as pants!
gigifashion on January 04
Ilove the frst pic =D
poorandweird on December 28
i'm after some black spandex leggings too!
mangopeachapple on November 27
I'm after a pair of AA black lame leggings
chechil on November 21
fab fab fab :)
Marichuka on November 15
veery very nice!
temp_mwp on November 01
Trashy? I understand some girls pants ride up but it doesnt happen in certain materials...they nrrd to be pants/but can double as leggings.So few ladies can 'belt' those & carry themselves...also overly preoccupied w/ dressing for other girls instead of doin their own gig.
BillieJean on October 29
love your style
keely5 on October 24
i think if you can get away with wearing skinny leg jeans and know how to balance out the lack of bottoms with lots of top hell yes go for it. but if you're like me and use your skinny legs to suck your thighs in, leggings probably wont look too crash hot as they dont have that amazing sucking capacity x oops sorry for the long comment!
hotfudgexd on October 21
I saw this girl today and she was wearing leggings but they were see through.. her stripey underwear was very visible. not cool i think leggings as pants are fine but i always have the feeling my ass is so' out there' so i prefer having a top over it xx
fashionfake on October 08
I really really don't like pants on me, my legs just arent the right shape and they make me look frumpy as all hell.. Leggings on the other hand offer the same coverage but with maximum comfort and minimal ick-ness. But i'd never ever wear without a long top!!!
rachaelisasavage on October 08
PLEASE ANSWER THIS which color black leggings from aa look the most like leather? i cant tell/decide! thanks
holliegolightly on October 08
....Today I saw a girl wearing leggings as pants on campus. I normally have no problem with this but the girl didn't have on a longer shirt and you could see everything. It made me go Uggghhhhhh no. I wanted to stop her and say something but you know..I might have gotten injured by the girl for saying something.
flamantflamboyant on October 08
I'm ok with leggings as paints as long as the shirt covers you ass. any other way is just disgusting.
Amandas_Armoire on October 08
There is this one girl in my school who wears leggings as pants EVERYDAY. Her shirts are NEVER long enough, you can always see her "cootchie area" and her legs aren't the smallest. Its gross, I should tell her to read this, haha.
stephanista on October 08
it's also good to avoid what my little sister's friends love, but I forbid her to wear, which is full outfits (t-shirt, 3 lace undershirts, a&f mini, and uggs) with leggings. they may not be pants to some, but they also cannot be tights!
Noir on October 08
LEGGINGS WILL NEVER DIED!!!!!! (but you must to have a perfect body to replace sometimes pants for a leggings) thanks for the photo!
lydia on October 08
I'm usually opposed BUT you posted some great examples. In these cases, I like.
emilyruth on October 08
great post! i've never been a fan of leggings but i might try some of these looks!
adrumble on October 08
Can anyone recommend some really thick leggings that CAN be worn as pants, if one so chooses??
temp_mwp on November 01 is a better quality "legging" & are pants 4 sure.My girl/model wears them& doesnt care about the whole 'whar's trashu' thing,she'a an impeccible dresser & good figure model.aa is 'lame' which will break down & look picked.Youd be better of with wet-look lycra leggings.
audreyc on October 08
try the american apparel winter leggings.. they are super thick and suppperr warm. also i just got these leggings that look like skinny pants.. they have pockets and zip up in the front and button closure and everything.
piasunga on October 08
Love the third entry!
inKARLcerating on October 08
edgy sweater! =p
joannaladrido on October 08
i love the second outfit! the blouse with those pants are lovely!
rainelyn on October 07
im not a big fan of pants. hurrah to covering your lady bits though. i dont even understand how a girl can go outside of the house with camel toe-- i mean, does she NOT notice? wtf
classytrash on October 07
i think i always cover my coochie.... but sometimes i just throw tees over them & hope that camel toe doesn't occur. haha.
Noir on October 08
ha ha ha ha ha, camel toe! I love this expression! :D
phantasy on October 07
Leggings are just comfier than pants. No two ways about it.
katydid on October 07
girls i see on my campus could use to read this!
lulu on October 07
Great opener: Some people call it a blessing, others an epidemic. College campuses are full of people exploring the compelling power of this phenomenon due to the undeniable comfort of lacking the constrictive forces of what we consider pants.
lulu on October 07
Aww, haha look how far you've come. Actually, this was my next favorite line: Regardless of how comfortable you feel in your clothing, the people around you aren’t too excited about having to see the outlines of your, erm, cootchie area.
CoedUgly on October 07
I also like how I was all serious in the beginning but started to lose it when I mentioned cootchies ahahaha
CoedUgly on October 07
BAHAHAHAHA it's all 'cause of that comment on Tech Crunch about my writing being vapid. I think it's also 'cause I had been watching CNN all day :|
heartofpearl on October 07
agree. must have the whole bum covered lol!
KyrasThreads on October 07
I love them I agree with all your requirements and hate when I have to see coochie lines ick! on that note leggings tucked into black boots are on my mind for class tomorrow!
Angel_In_The_Pit on October 07
i only approve of leggings as used here. actually today i wore them with a short sweater dress and slouchy boots.
slight_ingenue on October 07
haha me too. someone recently left me a questionable comment about my leggings
Chachi on October 07
Fantastic, and you look amazing.
InstantVintage on October 07
Great entry. I'm battling with this myself.
kissaragi on October 07
There's a thread on the Australian Vogue forums dedicated almost entirely to this debate. I love this post and am definately pro-leggings - only when worn as demonstrated here! Love look number two. :)

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