faux pas? hell nah!

Updated on Nov 05, 2008

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Anastasia_Azuline on March 20
Navy blue and black were my school uniform colors for over 12 years! And everyone knows that uniforms are sexy... =D
jeroy on December 07
love the hair & yer sweater!!
maimaimai on September 21
i love this! and it just looks so chic, yet comfortable.
nihonfleur on March 27
Great post! I in fact wore blue and black together today! haha
soup223 on March 27
God, this couldn't ring anymore true for me. Every time I wear black with brown I get all kinds of crazy harassment from people who really don't have a clue about fashion. The biggest insult I ever got was when my best friend said, "You look ugly today. Everyone knows you can't wear silver bracelets with gold ones." WHATTT?!
mssashimi on February 01
nice layering
Miller on January 18
I sooo agree:) I never let things like that or "rules" limit what I wear. As long as I like it, I will wear it. And I also have to say, I do not love every trend out there either! Good points!!:D Love your outfit:)
LeBee on January 09
I love everything in these photos. After reading what you wrote I love it even more. :)
gigifashion on January 04
i Love ur shoes.......they go with everything=D
keely5 on December 02
rules smooles. go navy on black
chechil on November 21
great look!
fortuities on November 12
make a Q&A video!
brittany on November 08
you look great, i never understood the navy and no black "rule." it's like saying you can't wear brown with black and i've seen PLENTY of people who look amazing with outfits that are brown and black.
magenta on November 07
i love the layering and those shoes, those shoes, those shoes ..
ferociacoutura on November 07
I say we all rebel against these "rules"! and yes on the Q&A(:
styleseeking_nesli on November 07
that loose cardigan is perfect and I agree completely with you about matching colours.. looking forward to your video!!
Fleur1870 on November 06
Yeah, dark blue and black and fine together! Ridiculous!
sunna on November 06
I totally agree with you!
ElisabethBjerre on November 06
Lovin' it !!
Le_Trix on November 06
down with rules!! love this.
KyrasThreads on November 06
THANK YOU!!! I have been trying to male my friends and not friends understand that fashion "Rules" are made by people who dont have individual fashion SENSE!! Yess Q and A!!
ifred on November 06
Likeit! (:
TheStylishWanderer on November 06
YoopYoop on November 06
I don't think wearing navy with black is a bad thing . I even think your outfit is great :) Love the sweater
sblackwood on November 06
I love it personally! Black is a neutral.. you can wear it with anything. Besides, it just looks adorable, who wouldn't want to wear it?
freckled on November 06
sweet cardigan & booties!!
pixienish on November 06
i'm on your side! and you're adorableee :D
Nanny on November 06
Of course you can mix any colors you like! I heard that once about pink and orange and was like "obviously I can, you see me wearing it, don't you?". Btw, I got the same H&M sweater in black and looove it!
glamourstains on November 06
I love your sweater.
supernab on November 06
there are too many rules made up. i heard something like you cant mix black and navy, red and pink or brown and black and the list goes on. well i think if you think something works, it just works!
ajyums on November 06
agree agree!boohoo to fashion rules!YRYS--your rules, your style!haha.and i love your outfit!
styleseeking_mi on November 06
ohh i n.e.e.d. your blue cardigan. perfect~
sarahjane on November 06
gorgeous outfit the layering looks great!
benedikttt on November 06
i adore the whole outfit..your lace up boots are AMAZING...i always see on your pic and i love them more and more... and that cardigan....LOVE! :D
inKARLcerating on November 06
navy blue and black are fashionable friends!! i love the cardigan! i wana wear it! lovely
anggina on November 05
oh..love the shoes!and the scarf and the cardigan..which makes..love everything=D
raynbow73 on November 05
i would so wear this.. if i could. u look comfortably chic and so cute*
lepetite on November 05
black & navy we're meant for eachother, as you were meant for that oversized cardigan ;D
connie on November 05
waaait let's make a video on friday?
jenesaisquoi on November 05
amaaazing! haha i've never even heard of these rules black/navy black/brown. i think black and navy looks so amazing together. and you look amazing here too!
mv_erazo on November 05
were u ill? :S hope u are better what did u have? anywho i love the outfit peace
mv_erazo on November 05
ohh I hope u are doing better now :)
annabel on November 05
yeahhh i had some respiratory infection that was misdiagnosed as mono for some reason :/
amoedo on November 05
well today i bought a cardigang in a darker blue than your sweater and, it really looks like black. i dont have any problem mixing any other colours, but i think really dark blue and black cant go together. anyway, one day i will mix this colours and expect comments of unrespecting people like those who told you you cant wear that you look really faboulous
slight_ingenue on November 05
i love navy and black. its so vavavoom.
fayeangelica on November 05
and some cuts don't. Really simple rules that aren't false like that navy and black rule.
fayeangelica on November 05
Forgot to add, love your outfit btw! And yes to a Q&A!
fayeangelica on November 05
That guy is ridiculous! Navy and black are perfectly fine together. If he thinks thats a faux pas then oh the horror i've broken the fashion code a million times then! *Gasp* Although that rule may not exist I think there are just some rules that apply to each individual, like basic rules that one can choose to follow or not but would be better if they did. Like how certain cuts flatter a person
InstantVintage on November 05
rules are for suckas!
Starrgirl (@fashion_fille) on November 05
I'm a supporter of navy + black. Of course you look adorable <3
girlychic on November 05
i love pairing navy and black. I think it's edgy but classic. and you look great!! I swear I see you walking on sproul sometimes.
annabel on November 05
hahahah probably :D
Maeko on November 05
bettie_bettie on November 05
black can go with any color, and navy and black is a great combo. your outfit is amazing, i love it!
elysiamann on November 05
loooove this outfit. GOOO NAVY + BLACK!! please please do a video post. please!
iheartdresses on November 05
man who says black and blue dont work? u look lovely! and i wouldnt care what they say cos fashion rules suck lol! it totally takes the fun outta fashion and doesnt let ppl express themselves for who they really are. so u go girl!!!
lissakahayon on November 05
I love the cardigan!
bethin on November 05
btw,i don't agree wit those rules!! paris ppl alwz put black and blue together!
shmush on November 05
i wore blue and black today too! blue for obama, black to mourn the progress california briefly had.
annabel on November 05
::sigh:: i agree :/
bethin on November 05
wow i definitely love ur hair!!and the jacket is so amazing!!!
postxhardcore on November 05
i love your shoes
joannaladrido on November 05
love the vest!!! i want a draped one like this too all i have is yje jacket
annabel on November 05
i can't find it on the f21 website anymore but it should be in stores!!
Catty_Sue on November 05
I love navy and black together. I think it's fab! As this outfit is completely fab!
ansleyondeck on November 05
ohh i love it
ninjaneko on November 05
down with the rules!!! i totally agree with you. there shouldn't be rules when it comes to fashion, you should be having fun. :)
_ANITA on November 05
hahaha i agee with you! i dont believe in fashion rules, they seriously take the fun out of fashion. plus black on black doesnt show up that well in photos! i am all for the videopost! ps love the drapey cardigan! i should really get myself one.
apple0hs on November 05
love this!
queenelizabeth (@themartiantide) on November 05
I think black and navy look good together - I honestly don't see what the problem is. you look so stylish and cool!
megz29_29 on November 05
yeah, fashion rules are ridiculous! I love your shoes and sweater.
mnavoy on November 05
i really love the sweater, and i don't even post to communities like "what i wore today 2" anymore becuase the people there just seem ridiculously judgmental and say stupid things like what you said. i also like the giant scarf :)
annabel on November 05
wiwt2 is br00tal. most of the people who criticize outfits harshly don't even post :/
jmdarda on November 05
go you!!
Cocco on November 05
so cute! love the first LOL
annabel on November 05
my boyfriend calls it the makeshift thriller pose ahahah

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