let's go thrifting! part one...

Updated on Nov 21, 2008

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AmayaGonzalezPerez on July 07
This is Thrift Town in SF! I just went there today and found some awesome things! Can't wait to do add some spice to my buys with a little diy action
indialpc on March 13
i'm obsessed with thrift stores!
moon_girl on February 02
more!!! :]]]
missurbanita on December 12
I want to go there!!!!
babykiki on December 05
is this thrift store in SF?
maggiemay on November 28
wonderful tips! the most practical advice i've heard of when looking for vintage. please hurry with part 2!
queenlazy on November 26
Great tips! I am not skilled at all at DIY, so I take my stuff to a local (and cheap) tailor.
lulu on November 22
Also: bring hand sanitizer if you're gonna get down and dirty. I was with Heidi once and I swear we found this trench coat with what looked like stabbing blood all over the inside. Sick D:
Catherinee on November 22
Thank you for this! I was wondering where I could find a guide to shopping vintage. I can't wait for part two, that's my biggest dilema!
uhlyssa on November 22
that's thrift town, right? my ABSOLUTE favorite place to go thrifting. i wish i could go more often.
purplehibiscus on November 22
thanks annabel for the post, the patience one is something i really have to work on. hopefully i'll visit my nearest goodwill.
lydia on November 22
SO flippin' true. Rule #1 is the MOST IMPORTANT (at least to me). You have to realize that you can't always just find sweet stuff instantly...I'd also suggest going as often as possible...since the stuff changes and you never know what might be waiting for you. I'm excited to see your finds!
ohsoglam on November 21
I was just thrifting last week. Awesome call with the men's and kid's section. I got a men's sweater and flannel and boy's school blazer. That's so funny that those were your sugguestions.
fayeangelica on November 21
Great tips! Could definitely put all of these to good use.
classytrash on November 21
oh yes annabel! i do love this post as thrift stores now are my go-to shopping destination. i definitely have an issue with #2, but i'm working on it. i also wish i was better at DIY, because limited is exactly what i feel.

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