how to look chic when you don't feel chic

Updated on Dec 04, 2008

Comments (27)

olune on September 06
UpliftingYou on August 09
Love the cardigan.
dmk on June 01
so simple love it
Fleur1870 on December 09
Aw this is great. I've been writing essays for hours and hours the past couple of days. I don't have any in-class finals left, but I guess I can at least look cute when I turn in my essay tomorrow. :-P
Rebekka on December 06
Thanks for great tips! This is just how I feel at the moment. So fed up with exams. I'm actually geting ready to go to uni now to study for my last exam and was going to put on something really sloppy, but you've inspired me to try your approach instead
carnabystreetmods on December 06
i have exams too, i find preparing my outfits for the week works nicely. i feel its better to allocate myself 10 minutes of guilt free outfit complilation than trying to put together outfits in a stressed-out-creativity-void five minutes in the morning. WE HAVE REPUTATIONS TO UPHOLD LADIES!! x
slowdear on December 06
i really love the outfit and the hair accessory. so simple and chic.
FollowMeHomeLove on December 05
i love your sweater, it looks like it would really keep you warm during those frozen winters! Oh and ps. You're face is so unique, it's just so beautiful =]
hanako on December 05
i love all your fashion tips. :D love to read them, love to look at the pictures. i should go shop for comfy sweaters and big, loose tunics/dresses.
kiks_kai on December 05
These past couple of weeks have been hell too and i wore a similar outfit recently just so I would look decent while stressed. I totally agree with you on this one! Good luck! :)
lydia on December 05
Tights+Boots+Dress+Cardi=chic and easy. Aka, what every college girl needs right about now...thanks for the post!
char_0808 on December 05
Love it all!! Cx
coutureinacup on December 05
This outfit is gorgeous! I feel like throwing on whatever I can find, e.g. hoody, at the moment, but you look chic as normal!
Izzy on December 05
Girll i'm going through a load of exams too. I don't think I can pull off not washing my hair for over 2 days, it gets too oily and obvious that i didn't wash. Sexy
maggiemay on December 05
the creative updo look great tho :D
maggiemay on December 08
i love the outfit above. been living in something similar. once i replace my camera i will post Photos :D
Pink_Champagne on December 05
love the flower hair clip!
purplehibiscus on December 05
actually, i think this outfit, its truthful when in dire times, put on comfy pieces that are flattering. the messy hair looks amazing on you.
green on December 05
hope you get through it all alright and you still look really awesome! all the best!
mulatoqt on December 05
argh I feel you on the exam season, all the days seem to mesh into each other, which, on the bright side, decreases wardrobe changes, lol....ew. You look superb though!!
IamME on December 05
still chic even you feel like faking it.. :-)
lola4000 on December 05
This is such a pretty outfit. It looks really relaxed and I love the soft colours together.
styleseeking_nesli on December 04
i love this outfit, it's so comfy, simple yet chic. So inspirational... I'm going to wear something similar to the library today... :)
joannaladrido on December 04
love the outfit!!!
Fruchtzwerg on December 04
fantastic look.
underthestares on December 04
I always tell people that they can tell that my hair is dirty if I clip up my bangs..
MaryJoLisa on December 04
I felllltt in luv<3 So beautiful outfit:))
helenz (@helenzhu) on December 04
there is a new term - annabel chic!

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