Finals week funk

Updated on Dec 09, 2008

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paintinglilies on February 25
thanks for the great advices! i hope your finals went well :-)
dianasaur00 on December 15
i have exams tommorow too! I try to take naps here and then but they always seem to turn into a couple of hours.
purplehibiscus on December 10
good luck!
sacredG on December 10
great tips..of course, i'm in the enviable position of having my senior portraits in the middle of finals week! any tips on what to wear to that?
lindarrr on December 10
that sucks! teenugly's post on what to wear to picture day should help! Goodluck!
Starian on December 10
oooooohhh how i will look back on these tips next year
elzabth on December 10
ahhh finals. I'll be done so soon....good luck to everyone else dealing with the end of the semester!
Pink_Champagne on December 10
nice tips! thanks for posting!
maggiemay on December 10
i hate the last week of the semester. i have breakouts and assignments and i want to be looking chic all the time!!!! arrrggghhh lol
styleseeking_nesli on December 10
ahh my little breaks always end up being much longer than planned! you have som great tipps, I should eat healthier because fast food makes me soo sleepy... NOT GOOD. I'll go back to studying RIGHT NOW :)
bunnygirl on December 09
Great tips :) I should really follow some of these, but I only have 2 finals left...ah well, there's always next semester i guess

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