Updated on Dec 28, 2008

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Arielgayle on October 15
I can't see it very well but as far as i can tell it looks nice.
hungrymoon on February 01
love everything as always!
Tatyana on January 29
Very cute, i love the shoes!
vivvv on January 07
I always head to Old Town or the mall [which is 5 min. from where I live], but I haven't been shopping in a while. I should really take advantage of the sales haha, were the H&M blazers on sale as well?
lydia on January 03
I am too jealous of this. I NEED CAPE. SRSLY.
thislilpiggyflew on January 01
I live in South Pasadena and old town is like 10 min away for me! Have you been to the Salvation army antique store? I go there every time I come home. They have a 50% off clothes sale every friday and saturday. Is there a Zara in Old town?? The only one I knew of was at 3rd st. I've also been meaning to go to the AA factory. I haven't had the chance yet.
elzabth on December 31
ooh I was just at old pas but I didn't buy anything, sad :( zara didd have good sales though!! plus that mall looks eerily familiar...but I guess all malls do at Christmas time
ivywang on December 29
I don't know how to reply to your comment below, but I live less than 5 minutes away from AHS! Did you go there? I graduated '07, but actually transferred there from TCHS.
vivvv on January 07
[not the poster] I live in Arcadia but went to Arroyo. Some of my friends went there though, and graduated the same year.
sandybags on December 29
love it all. girl you look waaaay too good to go shopping in a mall. lol. haahah. lovely!
annabel on December 29
LOL I drove 30 minutes to that mall to get this really good chicken sandwich at this certain food court restaurant. Real glamorous, hahaha.
slowdear on December 29
I haven't been to old town in a while. I should definitely go. Good find on the cape! It's gorgeous.
Saint on December 29
wow!!! i love that cape, it looks so good!! xx
gabiatch on December 29
so lucky!!!!
vanidoza on December 29
nice cape...lucky you! :)
maggiemay on December 29
just bought the most gorgeous outfit in the sales here in Manchester, AA skirt x2, t shirt, tights and pumps, perfume and jewellery lol its a great time of year! :D the only time of the year i don't feel guilty about spending money lol :D
annabel on December 29
Same here! Although right before I leave home to go back to school I always feel slightly guilty that I'm not bringing that much $$ back :/ Only slightly though, LOL
swinginthelobby on December 29
this is when i get so, so sad we don't have h&m OR zara where i live. depressing.
joannaladrido on December 29
oh wow!!! this is so amazing!!! LUCKY!!!!
fashionispoison on December 29
old town! yeeeea. i went to zara's yesterday and scored some jeans on megasale that i LOVE! this cape of yours is pretty gooood...i think i may go visit old town again ;)
fashionispoison on December 30
yessss! how long will you be here 'til?
annabel on December 29
omg do i smell an LA chictopia meet up? ;D
Cameleon on December 29
I want it!! Gorgeous!
chica0770 on December 29
love this :)
ivywang on December 29
By the way, I love the cape!
ivywang on December 29
Old Town Pasadena? Wow, you're so close to me. I live in Arcadia.
annabel on December 29
I live 5 minutes away from Arcadia High School!! When I'm not at Old Town I'm usually at the Santa Anita mall ;D
pixienish on December 29
I like this! Your shoes look so shinyyy :)
mi7esng on December 29
I love the cape! :)
IpseDixit on December 29
i need this cape tooo.....gorgeous
Pink_Champagne on December 29
thanks for the tips-you look great!
iheartdresses on December 29
awww i heart that cape! it looks so nice on u!:) and love ur all black esemble:D
lissakahayon on December 29
Love the cape so much. Too bad we don't have H&M back here :(
Laura on December 29
great look!!
deena on December 29
Another stylish outfit. I wish I was in LA so I can ask you to go shopping with me but unfortunately I'm far far away :)
FashionReady on December 28
once again a great outfit!! i too recently have gone to my local mall and hit up H&M and bought quite a few things cuz of their sales.

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