chic tv: interview with teen vogue's elana fishman

Updated on Jan 01, 2009

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bmeista on April 02
Is it too late to ask either of you lovely ladies internship questions? I have an interview with Lucky Magazine in two weeks for a summer internship and I was hoping to get some advice on how to prep!
babykiki on January 07
for the puppy in the 2nd picture . you should try angel eyes : i started using it for my little whiteee pups & it made such the difference. because the gooeyred is actually a yeast infection& makes them uncomfrotable! : (
Elana on January 07
Thank you for the advice, Kiki! Believe it or not, we actually use just that on poor Magic...she must have the world's most stubborn case of teariness :( My mom sometimes slacks off on making sure she gets it, so when I come home for vaca (i.e. right now) I make sure to bug her about it!
fashionslacker on January 04
alana! you are really great. i have some questions for you though... can i email you? here's my email: thanks!
elysiamann on January 04
you're so sweet, alana, and are doing EXACTLY what i'd love to be doing. could i email you? if you don't want to post your email on here, send a message my way at, or comment at! :)
Elana on January 04
Aw, thanks! And yes, I would love to hear from you--sent along my e-mail for you in a note :)
geekbonchic on January 04
You are both ridiculous women.
purplehibiscus on January 04
Is your internship a paid one? And if so, how do you pay for the expensive new york amenities?(ex.apartment) Can someone who doesnt wanna major in fashion but loves it still apply to intern at teen vouge?
Pink_Champagne on January 05
eh my gawd, can you give me those same answers? i was thinking about majoring in literature or theatre, but i still am addicted to fashion! you can send me a private note, and we can exchange email addresses if you want. thanks! =)
Elana on January 04
What geekbonchic says below is very true--paid internships are very, very difficult to find within the magazine industry. They do exist--in fact, Conde Nast runs an amazing (and fully compensated!) summer internship program every year--but can be tough to pin down. I'll send you a note with the rest of my answers!
geekbonchic on January 04
Almost nobody needs to pay interns due to the high supply of people willing to do the work. Save up some money/ask the parents for a loan and just work. Also, nobody cares what you major in, so long as you're willing and able to do what they assign you.
lacubrious on January 03
i think the videography has a gossip-girl-book-coveresque feel...mysterious :)
TheStylishWanderer on January 03
CONNIE I THINK YOU ARE FANTASTIC! I watched this video, and then your webisode #1, and I think you are hilarious! keep it up! Also, how did you get your job if your in minnesota?
mnavoy on January 02
oh my god, how long was it to go from minnesota to miami?!
mnavoy on January 02
haha oh right right. sounds like a nice change from the snow.
EverybodyIsUgly on January 02
ha, I took the Greyhound from Orlando to Miami (I flew down from Minnesota first)
Pink_Champagne on January 02
lol, how cute was that beach boy? =)
Elana on January 04
Oh jeez, haha. It wasn't so much that he was cute--it's just that no matter how many of 'em you see, those overly-tanned, scantily-clad, overly confident Miami boys never cease to amaze me ;)
thislilpiggyflew on January 01
Elana, how did you get your first internship at Teen Vogue? What made you stand out agaist other applicants? What do you hope to be in the future?
Elana on January 04
Hi there! Would love to answer your questions, but my response is a little too long to post in a comment or note. Want to send along your e-mail address? Would be happy to chat with you that way!
Elana on January 01
Hey everyone! Happy 2009! Would be happy to field any questions you might have, or just chat :) Connie, the video turned out GREAT! And love the "Miami" musical inclusion. Big Willie Style LIVES...
Angel_In_The_Pit on January 01
ha shes adorable. would've been nice to see her WHOLE face. but i enjoyed this. keep em coming! :)
EverybodyIsUgly on January 01
i'msorryi'msorryi'msorry :( :( :(

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