chic tv: fashion in 2000

Updated on Jan 11, 2009

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denisedenies on January 20
has been entertaining as can be exoected from Connie. And man, whenever I look back to those days, one line always cross my head: "We all do things that we eventually won't be so proud of." LOL.
andbeyond on January 17
more weibsodes, please please please. You are a comic genius haha
vancouverista on January 15
that was fucking hilarious!! sadly, i completely remember that issue of teen people, i even remember the FIRST issue of teen people... they're probably still sitting in a box in my parents garage with 1000 more actually i am really glad fashion has moved so far past the blandness of that era, but then in 10 years we will be making fun of todays fashion...and so it goes
silvergloss on January 15
I was only 10 back in 2000 but dang, I actually -remember- that stuff! xD Nostalgia ftw.
elec_tric on January 14
that last bit was genius. really cool editing, haha!
girlychic on January 13
darren hayes is gay??? how devestating!!! life is not fair. dude, i love your vblog entries and all the snarky side comments. haha, you're hilarious.
eastcoast on January 13
hahaha, i love this. i've been trying to forget that mass of black elastic and platform from steve madden for years.
mzkris on January 13
LOL those boots were pretty ugly! this is too funny lol
TheStylishWanderer on January 12
I dont think that you- or anyone else for that matter- can be funnier than you just were.
saltinejustine on January 12
hahaha i added my spin off to this on my chicblog. More circa 2004ish than 2000 but still WOAH to remember that was me.
Elana on January 12
"Truly Madly Deeply" was good, yes...but NOTHING can compare to the magic that was "Crash and Burn." Sigh. And for the record, I totally owned those Steve Madden stretchy-band slides too. As did my mom. And we wore them out together at the same time--often. *scream*
mnavoy on January 12
hahahaahahahah. oh no. so embarrassing!!!!!! I loved all that stuff too.
Virginia on January 12
hahaha i love this, and we all know those things will come back in style a decade later. "the 90s look"
lydia on January 12
Your Vlogs>Aqua>Savage Garden. I cringed when I watched this, because I totally loved all those HORRIBLE TRENDS when they were kicking around. "OH MY GOSH MESSENGER BAGS....they are soooo cool. I totally want one for school"-12 yr old Lydia
lindarrr on January 12
truly, madly, deeply!!!! <3 too hilarious!
paulinabelle on January 12
youre so hilarious connie!!
jocelyn on January 12
essie? from what companyy?!
EverybodyIsUgly on January 12
fashdance on January 12
So can I move to Cali and become your best friend? Seriously Loreal Feria girl, How'd you get your hair like that, I almost died and it was only the beginning :P
FashionReady on January 12
omg!! love your vlogs!! this one was so hilarious!
Catherinee on January 12
I loved this! I was young then, but I still remember all of it and looking up to people who wore such cool clothes like the ones featured in the magazine. Haha :)
bmeista on January 12
I loved that flashback! The post was hysterical as always. I think I'll be listening to Third Eye Blind non-stop for the rest of the week now
Pink_Champagne on January 12
hahah, i rember the olden days! =)
swinginthelobby on January 11
LOVE. this video just set the best possible tone for my upcoming week. savage garden on the ipod tomorrow during my commute? yes, thank you.
twinkl on January 11
Wait....... did you curl your hair, or am I really that unobservant? Because I was totally going to perm my medium-length hair o.O. This vlog makes me want to pull out the old Seventeen I know I have lying around somewhere with Freddie Prinze Jr. stickers in it. Must. Find!
connie on January 11
My hair's naturally wavy like that and it's finally grown out long enough where I can wear it curly without looking completely like a soccer mom (I just look a little like a metalhead, ack). And, GO FIND!
tospendtime on January 11
CONNIE YOU'RE AMAZING AND I LOVE YOU! That Genie in a Bottle snippet.. oh how I miss her back when she was stlil regular ol' Christina and not dirrrrrty xxxtina.
huongface on January 11
oh 98 degrees! was my favorite boy band! ha! yes on guess, it looks cheap now. oh my those white sneakers, I had 2. love your video connie! kee it up:0)
emilyy on January 11
ahahhahah can I be you??
aprilove on January 11
That video.. Was so cute lol. I was really really young in 2000.. But wow the trends have changed sooo so much. I loved the last bit with your old clothes. Somehow, you pulled them off pretty well! Haha and I love your unicorn :]
EverybodyIsUgly on January 11
You guys are too sweet.
classytrash on January 11
AHAHAHA your vlogs always have me DYING. i totally did not have those sm styrofoam platform flip flops, but i did have the white shoes & an across the body back pack from gap. i also had a subscription to teen people when i was like... 12 & loved Nsync, thus making the january issue with the nsync cover on it my favorite.
EverybodyIsUgly on January 11
<3 Justin's chia pet hair
queenelizabeth on January 11
you are absolutely hilarious! I was pretty young in 2000 but I still remember those awful clunky shoes, the coolest girl at my school had them and I remember really wanting a pair! And now I'm definitely going to save all my magazines so I can look at them 10 years later. :D
elysiamann on January 11
YAY another video! you're awesome. i just really can't even say anything else...i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos! i had both the steve madden sandals and the clunky sneaks! the commentary is fantastic and hilarious and yayayayyayayyayayay do more videos!! your posing in the 90s outfits is so funny! i dont have any of my ugly clothes anymore! thank you connie! <33333
EverybodyIsUgly on January 11
ahahha thank youuu! It's insane that I still fit in them :(
MellowKitty on January 11
haha! you have such an awesome sense of humor and your vlogs always have me laughing (in a good way). i love how did the last bit with what you used to wear in the past, and the commentary thru out the whole thing.. can't wait to see more of your entertaining vlogs.:D i think i've said vlogs too many times now. vlogs. i still have ALL my TEEN magazines from when I was younger in a box..
yesiwillyes on January 11
i have a dresser drawer at my parents house FULL of teen magazines from my middle/high school years (i graduated in '02, so you can only imagine) and they are a source of endless amusement. I think there are even some of my older sisters Sassy's laying around. SASSY!!!!!!!! I miss the 90's....
EverybodyIsUgly on January 11
SASSY I LOVE SASSY SASSY OH MAN srsly, FAVORITE magazine hands down. Jane Pratt is still my hero.
jocelyn on January 11
whats your nailpolish callleeed?
EverybodyIsUgly on January 11
it's essie! And really chipped. Bah.

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