chic tv: how to pronounce fashion designers

Updated on Jan 16, 2009

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jeroy on December 07
suomenlinnadharling on November 06
Thanks sooo much for sharing!!!!! <3
vro on June 06
Haha this is great!
alwaysinvogue7 on June 06
Luv this! it definateley helps!
Lucho on March 12
Carolina Herrera is NOT italian!! she's venezuelan!
YoureWrongImRight on March 02
im glad ive been pronouncing them correctly!!! YAY! lol you guys are adorable :D
lolaRed on February 15
maybe i shouldn't even mention this since this post was done so long ago but Herrera is pronounced errera, The H is silent in most latin countries. I might be wrong since im not Venezuelan (i'm mexican, and Herrera is my last name) but i know i pronounce it with a silent H.
Niquita on January 31
Wow, you guys are so adorable. Do more, do more!
mnavoy on January 25
hahahahahaha wow i didnt even realize i was pronouncing them wrong in my head and i am so glad i didnt say it out loud
Elana on January 21
Pretty much the most amazing thing EVERRR. Also, I'm sort of tempted to just play a bunch of those uber-Frenchy sound bits one after another and set it as my voicemail greeting. "You have reached the voice mailbox of...AlBER ElBAZ for Laaahnviiihn!" A fun n' fashiony way to freak people out...
Angel_In_The_Pit on January 19
lol hilarious. love it. i only learned how to pronounce givenchy because of audrey hepburn.
chaoz on January 19
hey this is really helpful! can i request for the correct pronunciation for "Agnes B."? thanks :)
_ANITA on January 19
i think i need a part two, i only got two right from that entire video...
_ANITA on January 19
rei kawakubo, giambattista valli, gianfranco ferré... that's all i can think of off the top of my head right now.
geekbonchic on January 19
Any requests?
lilacy on January 18
this was actually extremely helpful! thanks so much ;)
BadTasteToast on January 18
haha great :D
roxanne2332233 on January 17
ahahha helpful AND funn =] and i's JUNEyah Wah-tah-nah-beh. :o ^^v
gabiatch on January 17
so helpful!
Pink_Champagne on January 17
this was so funny! =)
andbeyond on January 17
this is adorable, many thanks!
LAURAMATEOS on January 17
So funny!
pars on January 17
hahaha is great!
annabel on January 17
nooooo the accent goes on the second syllable in bottega!!
geekbonchic on January 17
WE AGONIZED OVER THIS. We found a bajillion pronunciations (no audio), and the majority told us to say it that way!
luvi on January 17
rotfl I love this chic tv thing! btw, it's supposed to be botTEga VEneta (I'm Italian) :)
luvi on January 18
sono di vicenza ma studio a trieste. tu?
nomorebounds on January 17
Junya Watanabe is pronounced as JUNE-YEAH-WA-TA-NA-BEH
annabel on January 17
if you want to get technical, it's more like JYOON-YAH
lydia on January 17
LMAO. I really enjoyed the end.
abrilgarza on January 17
jaja i love the last part
teaspoon on January 16
connie has a habit of cutting out the other person in these webisodes. this is annoying, even though she's adorable.
EverybodyIsUgly on January 16
Hmm it seems like on some browsers, it crops the right side of the webisodes. Click on it to watch it on YouTube. You can see all of Marcus' cute face there :)
libys11 on January 16
i love your haircuts!!!! especially Marcus' waaaah!! thanks for the speech class.
tospendtime on January 16
AHH YOU GUYS ARE BOTH SO CUTE! Connie your videos always make me lawlz, seriously! And Marcus is pretty hottt. :) Damn and I think I've been pronouncing half of these names wrong... row-dart-TAY??
elysiamann on January 16
"so, this is going to work like this." HAHAHHHHHHA you're so random and hilarious and i love your hair toss!!!!!!!!!!!! and your laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! question- how does marcus know all?! (well, he probably doesn't, becuase boys are silly.) but where did you find all the pronunciations? the last part is extra HIGHliarious, by the way.
geekbonchic on January 16
I live to serve, milady.
elysiamann on January 16
mm sounds like something to keep nearby. where can i get one?
EverybodyIsUgly on January 16
Hahhaa thanks, but Marcus is a fashion genius and knows everything there is to know about designers and construction and shows and brands (this is why I keep him around).
mzkris on January 16
i meant when lol sorry
mzkris on January 16
lmao u guys are too funny. but wen u pronounce Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent and Lanvin properly around regular people they look at u like u stupid hen they are the ignorant ones. lol such is life i guess.
FashionReady on January 16
awesome video!! loved the ending with the lip syncing.
EverybodyIsUgly on January 16
such a FAIL
twinkl on January 16
too funny. i'm supposed to be working... but here i am with headphones on and a goofy smile on my face like the slacker i try not to be...
Linger on January 16
omfg you guys are so effing cute. you have just brightened my day 124398x.
jessy_H on January 16
love it!!! i wana know how to pronounce "dries van noten" correctly. hahahaa.
geekbonchic on January 16
But Belgians do a funny thing with the last word and kind of drop the "N" a bit. So it's like Dreeeeeez Van Outen.
EverybodyIsUgly on January 16
Exactly like it sounds. Dreeze van Know-ten
theblushingblood on January 16
did only parts of my comment go through ha ha?? I was trying to say that watanabe is a really common japanese family name so i guess it's natural for it to acquire its own english pronunciation with all the watanabes who go abroad, but in japan the last syllable is more like "bay" instead of "bee" and no one syllable is really emphasized. so, "wah-tah-nah-bay" instead of "wah-tah-NAH-bee"
classytrash on January 16
lauren conrad shout out! i was just talking about this today in class! a girl gave a presentation & kept saying moschino "mo-chino" yo lemme get some mo' uh dat 'ccino. holla. and then there was a girl that gave a presentation about chanel cutting jobs & said "she" was doing it for such & such a reason. ah, the mystical she at chanel. also, did not know BOttega VENeta was pronounced like that.
EverybodyIsUgly on January 16
Ahahhaa jesus christ, you should have asked them that? How embarrassing for them. Eep D:
theblushingblood on January 16
super helpful <3 but you know, watanabe is a really common japanese family name so i guess it's natural for it to acquire its own english pronunciation with all the watanabes who go abroad, but in japan the last syllable is more like "bay" instead of "bee" and no one syllable is really emphasized. so, "wah-tah-nah-bay" instead of "wah-tah-NAH-bee" then again, my japanese suxx (despite the fact that i used to live in japan!)
flamantflamboyant on January 16
nooo i love your webisodes! I seriously thought that Marchesa was like... Mar-cheese-a or something like that, and I was really surprised that you have to pronounce the TE in Rodarte... oh and Connie, what brand is your nail polish? I've been looking for a yellow nail polish that I don't have to apply five coats of and that don't make my nails look diseased....
_ANITA on January 19
it is essie's shorty pants, it is part of their neon collection, i believe
EverybodyIsUgly on January 16
It's essie brand and I don't know which color it is, but essie makes pretty wonderful opaque nail polishes! two coats, baby
mimoji on January 16
I totally pronounced all of these wrong, but I've never had the chance to say them in a conversation before so you've saved me the embarrassment! You guys really are adorable [:
ytammy7777 on January 16
please dont stop the webisodes. u guys are so cute!
Adeline_R on January 16
Longchamp : don't pronoce the P ! keep the mouth open at the end of the -amp ! hahaha you're both too cute
TheStylishWanderer on January 16
I forgot to say hilarious. and I did learn something! the BO tega VEN eta BO tega VEN eta BO tega VEN eta
TheStylishWanderer on January 16
AWESOME! I LOVE you guys!

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