what's your personal uniform?

Updated on Jan 28, 2009

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modgeisha on November 24
Love the blue dress and gray blazer. This is so chic an outfit!
jeroy on December 07
love the blazer!!!
ivywang on August 10
Maybe the person who's changing their style every week is still trying to find something that'll fit his/her personality/style.
Chomy on February 12
Trend or no trend...who gives a shit. At the end of the day what we call style is highly subjective and alot of the so called "personal" style is more pretencious and contrived than anything else. Alot of ppl are stylish just so they can be a chictopia's "Style Icon", now does that mean that they honed in the style more than their more schitzophrenic dresser, Hell NO!
Chomy on February 12
Alot of ppl dress so they can be seen, POINT BLANK. lets just strip off the rubbish, cultivating a sense of style doesnt mean that one must dress in any definitive placeable way. If ppl started dressing for themselves without relying on the validation of others, only then can can the style be intrinisically organic. I just wanna look better than me. i justwant to look hotter than i was yesterday!
Chomy on February 12
Most ppl who you might view as more "cohesive" dressers or who seem more trustworthy to you because they have a more thought out style end up being nothing but style arse kissers. Style isnt what you wear, is how you live. If i have an affinity for stripper-esqe heels, does that make me a stripper?? lets face it, alot of ppl these days dont dress for them, they dress for comments in the 3ple digit
neen_cicero on February 05
i've gone through phases of my life where i thought, i'm only gonna dress this way and this style is me. now that i'm older i don't limit myself. clothing is a creative outlet to me and i like to have everything accessible to me and though i don't care for trends, i don't restrain myself if i want to wear something and it happens to be trendy at the moment, to me that is a creativity wall as well.
Dija on February 02
I don't think I've yet to find my personal style, and honestly, I'm not too thrilled with my style right now considering I'm in the middle of winter and snowstorm after snowstorm seem to hit Ontario, it leaves me with limited options. There are days where I like to dress girly and romantic and other days I dress dark and edgy. I can't wait until I find my personal style!
token on February 01
the indie style seems to be the most prevalent 'uniform' for the fashion concious at the moment! at least in London maybe but good on anyone who switches it up a bit!
gwozdzy on January 31
i definitely feel like i wear the same thing every day...cardigan, tucked in shirt, skinny jeans, flats. some days i'll switch it up and wear a short high waisted skirt with the same tucked it shirt. actually, thats why i rarely post my outfits because i feel like i'll just have the same picture every day with just different pieces.
thesundaybest on January 31
There are no depths without surfaces, but this, this is shallow. There's a monumental difference between someone who follows every weekly trend, and someone who dresses differently on a weekly basis. This is akin to me to only listening to indie guitar rock, or only reading books by magical realists - boring. Do so if you want, but don't make value judgments about those who do otherwise.
EverybodyIsUgly on February 01
I think you may have misinterpreted what I said (which is easy to do--I'm not the clearest of writers). I didn't mean to harsh those who follow trends--we all do that. I mean to say that there's something wrong about blindly following them without any thought.
queenelizabeth (@themartiantide) on January 31
That's pretty much what I was going to say in my last comment but forgot (whoops) - my day-to-day outfits are sometimes radically different, but it's not because of trends - it's because I feel like dressing differently all the time.
theatre_geek on January 31
So i think i have kind of an eclectic style, and from time to time eccentric. it's cute and classy in a frilly sort of way but sometimes i go for the prep look with like a collared shirt and sweater but i always try and make the look my own by wearing peices that stand out from the norm w/ like a pop of color n neutrals or somehting like that. But i have to admit that i like to switch things up 2
thislilpiggyflew on January 31
and boots! i love boots
thislilpiggyflew on January 31
I think I have different uniforms for different fascets of my personality. I can wear dresses and tights/leggings everyday, but depending on my mood, i might wear something more tough. I think i'm kind foa complicated person with layers beneath layers of knowing me. I always have surprises so there's a lot of room for change.
theatre_geek on January 31
i kinda do the same thing, i usually dress to my mood so there r times wear will look comlpetely diff from wat i wore yesterday and my frnd's r like ur all over the place but i like switchin things up
joannaladrido on January 31
lovely dress!
Gboy on January 30
nice dress and shoes!
Starrgirl on January 30
Love the blazer in your 'Connie uniform'. I think my uniform is pretty black and basic right now. I'll have to think about it some more later :)
Nanny on January 29
I think the point is that clothing you feel good in and tend to wear often does not become a uniform in the sense of "I don't think any longer about what I wear". There are many days when I feel I want to play save and then go for my typical skirt/blazer combination but sometimes I'm just getting bored of myself and try to take a different look at my wardrobe - and mostly find a new angle! :o)
Catherinee on January 29
I agree with what you said for the most part. I think it's cool when people experiment and try something new, but it's nicer when they can incorporate that into their already existing personal style. I haven't quite developed what I feel is a style that matches my personality, but the way I'm feeling definitely affects how I get dressed in the morning.
ThaisVeronica on January 29
You look good!
slowdear on January 29
very sharp and lovely!
vivvv on January 29
I am so envious everytime I see that blazer of my dreams D: Where'd you get it? I'm really unlucky when it comes to shopping haha, and the thrift stores here suuuck.
EverybodyIsUgly on January 29
There's this cute shop on Guerrero and 24th in SF--got it there!
mcgregl on January 29
I hear ya. Obviously over time someone's personal style is going to evolve but it should always be recognisable as THEIRS. It can't be personal if it doesn't have your own personal stamp all over it.
_Sionainn on January 29
who could say 'yawn' to this you look so classy
the_kitten on January 29
i do think i have my own personal uniform and thats how it works best for me when it comes to everyday style. however, i do put the concept into question. just wrote a post about it here: http://pickedpics.blogspot.com/2009/01/one-and-same.html take a look and maybe let me know what you think.
EverybodyIsUgly on January 29
Thanks for expanding on the topic. It's definitely an art to be able to think outside the box and be able to play with clothing and create styles that you may not be comfortable wearing, but those skills can be learned without wearing it. Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld each are able create wildly different collections (MJ, LV, Fendi, Chanel, etc) but have pretty unchanging personal styles.
Clarisse on January 29
ooh love this!! very classy and chic!
itsumo on January 28
(cont from previous) Personal style, despite the fact that you have defined it as a “uniform,” develops as you grow as a person or as you develop other sorts of interests. For instance, Lulu’s style has altered from when she first began Chictopia, but it’s apparent that she does not lack personal style. Sorry if this seems like an “attack,” but I believe that your entry is a bit close-minded.
EverybodyIsUgly on January 28
Well, totally! Don't people change themselves? My interests and values and confidence levels have undergone seismic shifts in just a year, and you can totally see that in changes of the outfits I wear. But those personal developments are never week to week, you know? It's hard to imagine a person that can be blase and hardcore one week and delicate and saccharine the next (same goes for clothes)
itsumo on January 28
Although I do believe that personal style is important and that the things you wear does give others insight on what your personality MAY be, I don't believe that it has to be permanent and unchangeable. I suppose this is just the way I believe what the term "style" is, but I definitely do not think it's something static. (continued)
geekbonchic on January 28
But the categories that Connie has given herself are pretty broad: sculptural shoes? That could be anything from Nicholas Kirkwood to Prada. Neutral jacket? RIck Owens makes tons of those, but so does Rachel Comey. I think the idea of a uniform is less about categories and more about a sense of yourself and your body.
krazyk on January 28
ur so cute.. u look almost like my cousin.. i like ur outfit.. :)
swinginthelobby on January 28
i love your uniform, it looks amazing on you *always* and i love that you're confident in it. i don't know that i have a consistent sense of style yet. i'm working on it. i know what pieces i love. i can generally predict silhouettes that will appeal to me. however, i feel like there's still images out there that i haven't tried out yet. i'm getting there though. :)
EverybodyIsUgly on January 28
Discovery is a continual process (dude I feel like a motivational speaker...), but that process is the best part of fashion! Figuring out what you like, figuring out how to present yourself, and then DOING IT is so much fun.
idontdocasual on January 28
(continued from below) body but my state of mind. It's a philosophy of sorts: know yourself first, and then dress accordingly.
EverybodyIsUgly on January 28
Cultivating a sense of style is so intrinsically linked with cultivating a sense of self. I feel ya
idontdocasual on January 28
Hey Connie, I usually don't post, but I just have to say I agree with you 100%. It's a personal thing, I suppose, but I really appreciate when people have a certain aesthetic that they are consistent with. How we present ourselves, I think, really is derivative of who we are, our personalities, our moods. I definitely have a particular style, things I like and that suit me, not just my (continued)
kniprup on January 28
love the whole look! ;)
Australia on January 28
i have to say that i kinda disagree. sure creating your own personal style is tough, but having a personal uniform is a bit predictable and boring. i think it says more about a person when they can pull off multiple looks and that can be just a tough as finding your own personal style. in my opinion, i think style mavericks are often chameleons.
EverybodyIsUgly on January 28
And woohoo-don't get upset! That means your friends know who you are which is something wonderful! I always get offended when someone says "that's so you!" and it's completely NOT me. And while a bit of fashion is about what looks good on you, it's more about what feels right. Why dress in things that feel wrong or not quite right?
EverybodyIsUgly on January 28
Also, I don't think that a uniform is a cage. I obviously deviate from it to match my mood (some days I'll go more girly, some days I'll go more dark), but the overall feel is still ME, you know? I'll never try and do a look, even if I know I could pull it off, if the style is not 100% the message I want to send.
EverybodyIsUgly on January 28
I don't think the point of fashion is to do what's easy or what's hard, but to do what's RIGHT for you. If your personality is all about provocation and always doing new things for the sake of doing new things, than of course you're not going to have one uniform. It may be boring, but I think that people with uniforms are people that tend to be super comfortable with themselves.
woohoo on January 28
i have to agree with you :) while it is "good" to have a signature style and stuff, i get sometimes offended when my friends go "that's so you!" when I pick out an item. isnt it a lot easier to know what looks good on you and stick by it than trying new different things?
steffanywillis on January 28
nice jacket!
magenta on January 28
i love soo much<3 im always worried about wearing blazers cause i dont want to look boxy or boyish, but this is amazinggg
EverybodyIsUgly on January 28
Nothing wrong with looking boyish! Make sure the sleeves are slim to keep the blazer from wearing you.
chocofusion on January 28
no offense, but i disagree wtih what u said here"So for those who dress according to the fashion flavor of the week, it does say something about their chameleon-like personality. " i find it natural to have a variety of styles and i love different kinds of shapes, textures etc. i could be a blazer person one day and a soft cardigan person another day. it all depends on the season and mood.
EverybodyIsUgly on January 28
No offense taken. To each their own. But chocofusion--I'm looking through your outfits and do see a consistent style despite the fact that you never wear the same thing twice. Despite all the styles and textures you have in all your outfits, the tone is the same. It's playful, it's joyful and very feminine--and very YOU.
itslikethat on January 28
perhaps its easier to recognise in someone else? some more uniform reconising of others comments may be helpful to everyone :)
EverybodyIsUgly on January 28
Oh, it's DEFINITELY easier to see ANYTHING in anyone else! Looking at yourself critically is always really awkward and embarrassing and pretty hard to do truthfully.
itslikethat on January 28
don't apologise for 'getting so thinky' (lol) i like it and infact have been pondering over this very topic for some time now....im still in the gathering data/analysing phase but dont have any clear conclusions just yet. off to do have some thinky time!
great post, you raised a lot of interesting points. I don't really have a "personal style" (yet), and questions like "What one outfit would you wear for the rest of your life?" always stump me. I like too many different styles to choose one, although I guess everyone "finds" their personal uniform eventually.
ShuErn on January 28
Love the colour of the dress with the gray blazer.
elec_tric on January 28
on inconsistency: if i had a personal uniform, it would have to be in two parts. i'd wear just jeans and a t-shirt one day, then a vintage 1940s dress the next ... what does that say about me? not that i like to buy into trends necessarily (i don't). maybe I am unpredictable? relatively; diverse? maybe... scattered? yes :) Good post! I enjoyed it.
classytrash on January 28
i'm always thinking about this & i always get very frustrated with it. maybe my personality has pent up frustration. & now...i shall write about this tonight.
karenbolilia on January 28
I love this
oliviooso on January 28
ur dress so pretty. And that blazer is adorable!!
SuperKarla on January 28
Cute and also masculine uniform. Like it!
megz29_29 on January 28
cute blazer and dress!
Frugality on January 28
Hmm, I partway agree with what you're saying, but I also think it's a little bit unfair. Our personal "uniform" may be somewhat circumstantial. For instance, I grew up in the south. My uniform basically consisted of flounced miniskirts, heels, and some breezy top, all in black. Now I've moved up north, and it's boots, knits, and layers, layers, layers all the time for the sake of keeping warm!
EverybodyIsUgly on January 28
Well of course--part of your look has to be utilitarian.
LAURAMATEOS on January 28
Love your blazer!
Pink_Champagne on January 28
i actually think neautrals are a bit boring, but if its your personal style, go for it! =D
hollywood_seeks on January 28
I love the outfit and what you say is true! I'm stil ltrying to find that *me* style that fits me properly, and my wardrobe still needs new things buying into it..I've yet to find my style but I think I will in coming months/years.
bmeista on January 28
It's funny that you say that because just the other day I was deciding what to wear to class and my friends made fun of me for even pondering because I almost always wear a pair of boots, jeans, and cardigan. It's not like I wear the same pair of boots, jeans and cardigan everyday! Haha. Anyway, I totally agree with you and I love your uniform!

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