the anti-uniform

Updated on Feb 04, 2009

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Diana755 on March 15
i cannt wear pants like these but you make them rock!!! ;)
bjkdAnc3r on March 07
great pants!
Natalieann on July 01
inKARLcerating on March 17
cont.. accdg to Etro,whats impt is at the end ofd day or during d day, we are happy w/ what we wear.. there must be this level of satisfaction and not despair when we chose a certain style! this is brilliant love yah
inKARLcerating on March 17
very well said, C!! something ta digest..! love yah!
whatswithamy on February 21
You are so cute, I can't even describe how cute you are. You really are the definition of cute.
dianamonster on February 15
your hair looks so cute undone. it's effortlessly chic.
MichelleYue on February 13
those pants are freaking hot on you.
Niquita on February 08
Wow, this has to be your best outfit so far. It's so flattering!
Niquita on February 08
You have gorgeous legs!
EverybodyIsUgly on February 08
Thank you! Sometimes I forget that I have legs...
zgzcn on February 07
I love your hair! You should try extensions like annabel, I bet long hair will also look good on you :)
EverybodyIsUgly on February 08
Oh, I've had long hair up until last year! I got bored of it and chopped it all off. I'm planning on playing around with this length until I get sick of this too!
youwhos on February 05
I love your shirt! I would LOVE to have that in my closet! :)
swinginthelobby on February 05
i love this!
casualfriday18 on February 05
did you get that at forever 21 recently? i've been dying for a white top like that for foreverrrr.
EverybodyIsUgly on February 07
ack--2 years ago :(
twinkl on February 05
I'm just assuming people have a lot of negative connotations with the word "uniform." I thought your initial post was analagous to how an artist has a distinct style, but can choose to manifest his/her work in carefully designated forms (or totally varied forms). If you're a good artist, people will be able to recognize your work from miles away, among a sea of similar works. BTW I like your pants
Laura on February 05
i love this!
ThaisVeronica on February 05
Nice pants!
blimpcheeks on February 05
nonorientable on February 05
i love this!
joannaladrido on February 05
absolutely amazing!!!!
Pink_Champagne on February 05
i don't have anything against contraversial/argumentative fashion. it really makes us stop and think about *why* we love a certain trends. i do emulate a number of looks but they always are distinctly me. i'm more of an exotic/vintage/bohemian girl, but sometimes, i'll do the minimalistic look my way. i'll wear teh black drop crotch pants with the blazer, but instead of leaving it at that, i'll pu
EverybodyIsUgly on February 05
Huzzah! Well put.
Pink_Champagne on February 05
the creative talent to add a bit of you into each and every look. adapt pieces and certain looks to work for your wardrobe-dont let them completely take you over. personal style rules in the end.
Pink_Champagne on February 05
put on some gladiators or funky shoes, and accessorize with a gold belt and jewelry. you can be versitile and yet stick to your true style. whether it's vintage, bohemian, mod, exotic or urban, i think every outfit i wear has a part of me in it, no matter the overall assumed style. i think we shouldn't be afraid to embrace trends, so long as we truly like them. as a chictopian, you possess the cre
the_kitten on February 05
you do look adorable in any case. its true, all the wandering and wondering about ones own style certainly should have a purpose. i think there is consistency to be found in anyone's style however ecclectic she/he claims it to be. i, for my part am too stuck in firm patterns and thats what annoys me. so i personally want to get out of my uniform more.
EverybodyIsUgly on February 05
As long as you're comfortable in what you wear! If not, change it up, find yourself and document your trip :)
helenz (@helenzhu) on February 04
There is nothing wrong with controversy! If anything, it only challenges us to think harder about the reasons behind our beliefs. Or in this case, verbalize it with more clarity :-)
lish on February 04
i'm in love with your nice!
eastcoast on February 04
your hair looks so good all mussed up like that. a little naughty!
EverybodyIsUgly on February 05
snugz on February 04
I love those pants!
chica0770 on February 04
love your ruffles! :)
purplehibiscus on February 04
perceived from previous posts is more structured, a little stiff but with a funky piece in the middle. Here you were still structured especially with the ruffles on the shirt but I do feel as if this outfit came out the blue. It seems to laid back. thats all for today, i do happen to love the change up! and the hair looks amazing!
EverybodyIsUgly on February 05
Thanks! It's not something I'd choose to wear all the time, but it seemed apropos that day.
purplehibiscus on February 04
I do sort of understand where your coming from. Your style should have a cohesive messagebut personally I tend to switch up some days but still keep my obsession of wearing denim. its a apart of my style and I ca always leave it but in general if I had nothign to wear the denim jeans would be my first choice. I feel as if your correct but than your contridicting yourself. Your aura which I have ..
hammiesmommy on February 04
I have a crush on your pants! please give me info on how i can make them mine too!
EverybodyIsUgly on February 05
I got them at Urban Outfitters two years ago, so they're probably not there anymore D: Sorry.

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