That's bananas! I D.I.Y. DIY!

Updated on Apr 03, 2009

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modgeisha on November 24
Pretty dress. Love the gray blazer. Love the white purse with the outfit.
bjkdAnc3r on March 07
cute jacket!
zernie on August 22
DIY is definitely nothing to joke about but i like DIY because you tend to appreciate it more yeah you couldve bought this for 20 at zara but you would never appreciate the bag the way you do now. but its a great job and i LOVE the outfit!
yayyraia on May 18
Ahhh to the dress! Halaveet!
fab_gab on April 24
you look cute. love the outfit and the entry is entertaining. now i wanna check out the rest of your postings!
AnnaKonduh on April 22
*Gasp* I have that dress. But it looks way better on you. :) Love it.
beadedintox on April 22
fantastic!! LOVE how you just did the bottom instead of the sides or the whole bag, makes it looks so much cooler. i want that bag!
saintclare on April 16
looks great
catharticy on April 12
how did you stud your bag like did you buy a diy kit or something? i think your stam came out pretty nice:) ive been meaning to buy a knockoff myself obviously i wish i was able to afford real mj:( but if theyre that cheap and one could barely tell the difference between real and fake...then how can i not? haha
EverybodyIsUgly on April 24
Oh, you can DEFINITELY tell the difference, but I tried making it a little less cheap looking with the studs. I bought a package online and then used an exto-knife to cut holes in the leather and used the butt of the knife to bend the prongs inward. It's pretty easy but owwww
skateradj on April 07
so pretty! i can only imagine the pain your fingers felt... as for the DIY mania, i cant say it's overdone and such. it helps people understand how garments are made (like you mentioned) and while most attempts are to copy stuff on the runway, i think overtime people will learn to create things from imagination. if anything, the creative bug will get ppl off their bums. hopefully.
loves2write on April 06
I came so close to buying that dress at Target!
xs_ on April 05
you are too darn cute; i love that dress on you. i'm torn on the diy topic. on one hand, i think too many people are just copying items on the runway, which is warranted (because of the $$$), but as you say "materialistic," but on the other hand, there are actual people who have their own ideas and make pieces from scratch because they themselves want to take part in the design element.
EverybodyIsUgly on April 06
I think copying is the first step to learning how to create. My terrible shredded shirts are nowhere near the quality of a custom Raquel Allegra, but now I have such a better idea of how knits are constructed and how they can be manipulated. Creativity comes after understanding the boundaries in which you can be creative--does that make sense?
Starrgirl on April 05
I am very impressed. That is on DIY I'm actually tempted to spend money on doing. p.s. I almost bought that dress!
wendienguyen17 on April 04
looked at that exact dress at target and love the bag!! wheres the glasses? been away a while
aidsywaidsy on April 04
wow amazing job!! i love your posts! ;)
fashionispoison on April 03
studding is indeed HARD ASS WORK so kudos for finishing your project! i know exactly what you mean by pain screaming finger tips...but man when you're done, doesn't it just feel so good!
lissakahayon on April 03
I love the DIY!!!!! It's so amazing! I want to try it too!!!!
strawberrykoi on April 03
It's awesome, you really did an amazing job!! DIYs is so rewarding :)
mzkris on April 03
other ways to save money.. long ass comment lol sorry. bag looks great tho
mzkris on April 03
as great as the whole DIY in a recession thing seems...some people jus shouldnt... not including u..u're bag looks great :). some people, however, just don't have the hands for DIY work, for instance i know how to sew but any garment making attempt may be disastrous because i get frustrated easily..end up having to re-do then its not neat. so for the people who can yay them...for others, there are
NASTYGAL on April 03
calivintage on April 03
AGREED. it's a pain for me to just rip and shred my jeans! i was just thinking about how i'd rather pay someone to destroy something for me because it's so hard. but the cool part about diy is that it can be something totally unique, which is especially great for people who have a vision for something that they can't just run out and buy at some big retailer. and that's pretty cool, no? ;)
joannaladrido on April 03
omg i love everything and your DIY is phenomenal! :D love the article too!!!!
Le_Trix on April 03
with all that said, I'm still pretty proud of myself for making something. I'm so proud of my silly little DIY project!
Le_Trix on April 03
I just had my own DIY moment this week! I decided to make some floral headbands for a friend in one of those, "I could make that for cheaper!!" moments. Flash forward to me sitting on my living room floor with a hot glue gun, silk flowers, tons of wire... and not a clue! Hours later I had two headbands made. Only TWO! It made me appreciate the work and effort goes into dreaming up and creating ...

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