how to wear a crop top

Updated on Apr 13, 2009

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xenii on June 10
Aww this outfit looks so lovely on you :) xoxo
modgeisha on November 24
Love it!
bjkdAnc3r on March 11
nice blazer!
SarahJaneR on December 21
love the shorts and cropped top, nice blazer and heels too!
themayflower on December 15
love the outfit!
daisygirl89 on June 20
amazing outfit!
yayyraia on May 18
This is soooo cool! Halaveeet! :D I'd die to have those shoes :D
schmetterlinq on May 01
great outfit!
chiarita999 on April 27
AWESOME. Love it.
beadedintox on April 22
i think this look rocks! i love how you carried it off with tonnes of attitude and that I-know-i-look-good aura that is just floating around you. crop tops for me? i cant. i'll be way too conscious. ha!
lisalovesyou on April 16
of course i googled "how to wear a crop top" for inspiration, and result #1 was this page. oh, how i love you, chictopia :)
Essie_17 on April 15
love this!
TheStylishWanderer on April 15
lady you look hot!!!!!!
mosey on April 15
cashmoney on April 15
I thought this looked familiar....
sarette on April 15
Shabby_chic on April 14
I m not a crop tee top n hate baring my tummy,but u certainly pulled off the whole outfit. D 1st pic is so chic!
supernab on April 14
i think you totally pulled off the look. you look great!
mashobra on April 14
it actually looks elegant (where'd the burrito go by the way?) which I never thought I'd think about a crop top.
lindarrr on April 13
SO good-you look great!
blonderedhead on April 13
im finding that going classy/business chic w/ the crop is the best way to go. i just really like rocker outfits. :(
endlessdream on April 13
great tips! i really like how you wore the crop top!
monaby on April 13
ah awesome tips! I'm loving your outfit too.
queenelizabeth on April 13
this is awesome! I'm super excited about the comeback of the crop top, and you pull it off perfectly! I agree about never showing your bellybutton, although I bet there are a few who could pull it off...
kt_krazy on April 13
you are an INSPIRATION. i've never admired crop tops on anyone because i believe the normal sized woman just doesn't have the shape to pull it off (myself included). you look so classy and wonderful! and i also laughed really hard when i read "got a burrito. ate my burrito." haha. no idea why.
EverybodyIsUgly on April 13
Wait until you hear my bit about a shwarma and some hummus.
ivywang on April 13
I really love this. I've always found crop tops to be a little trashy, but I like how you paired with certain pieces to make it look more classy. I've also never liked those Gap sandals, but they look fabulous on you.
maggiemay on April 13
divine! crop tops can be worn without the size 0! wonderful
xokochamciexo on April 13
You look wonderful! Love the shorts and the platforms! Maybe ill try this when summer comes along, never to school
EverybodyIsUgly on April 13
Nono NEVER to school! i always thought it was ridiculous that they put the "No Midriff" policy on dress codes, but I guess this would qualify, lol
YoungFabulousNBroke on April 13
simplicity at it's best
libys11 on April 13
this is perfect!!!!!! you are one divine chic girl!!! :D
Le_Trix on April 13
haha!! this article is great! I don't think I can join you lovely ladies in the crop top world... but very sound advice indeed! My rules are probably even more nun like. I pretty much don't like to show anything!! ;)
lolorenee on April 13
ooh lady this is nice. if my tummy were that crop-top appropriate i'd be searching for one right now after reading this. hopefully though, this has taught some of the ladies who wear them in a less classy manner some tips.
twinkl on April 13
Covering belly button = genius. Unless you have <8% body fat and no belly flub creeping around your deepening crater of a belly button (me) :(
EverybodyIsUgly on April 13
ahahah I'm sure that's not the case, but bellybuttons freak me out for some reason.
NASTYGAL on April 13
your description made me lol irl. & pic 2.
Champagne on April 13
I wanted to get a crop top also. I'm probably gonna have to look for some in H&M or Topshop.
paulinabelle on April 13
you wear the crop top so well.... this look is gorgeous
chica0770 on April 13
nice with the shorts :)
hessica on April 13
love this! i wouldnt wear a crop top any other way!
gogosushi on April 13
you look so cute in this but I don't know if I could ever wear a crop top again after doing it in the 90's, spicegirl style ;p
EverybodyIsUgly on April 13
AAH, I never got a chance to do it like that :( This is my way of post-teenager rebelling.
FashionReady on April 13
wow i love the way you wear the crop top!! the high waisted shorts really give wearing the crop top a different feel!! love this! :)
scara on April 13
you pull this of amazingly! i'm breathless
chinafrancisco on April 13
i looove the whole outfit!
rosaleah on April 13
I too am cautious about showing skin so I haven't given crop tops much thought, but this is the best styling of one I've ever seen. And great shoes!
Martina on April 13
high waisted...anything seems like a great way to downplay a cropped top especially when they sometimes come out a lil too revealing lol
ishayshaixa on April 13
so chic!
styleseeking_nesli on April 13
i never thought that a cropped top could look so sophisticated, i've always seen them with jeans shorts and this looks so much better in my opinion! thanks for the inspiration..!
EverybodyIsUgly on April 13
The blazer is tricky, isn't it?
neneee on April 13
well played, Connie. way to rock a crop top! i really regret not scoring a pair of those pierre hardy's when they were available. on top of looking amazing, they also look extremely comfortable.
EverybodyIsUgly on April 13
SO comfortable. I could probably run a marathon in them if I did things like run.
MissRoLL on April 13
this is so simply stylishh ^^

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